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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Hideo Kojima the most overrated video game storyteller out there?


How do you think Hideo Kojima is regarded in gaming?

Overrated 38 62.30%
Rated appropriately 19 31.15%
Underrated 4 6.56%

I learned in this thread that david cage is overrrated.
How the fuck david cage is overrated if all you see when his name come up is people trashing and making fun of him.
I cant with this forum anymore xD


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Can’t take this thread seriously when OP hasn’t played MGS 1-3 (his best work) and other older games he released, or Did OP played those ones?

Just because you try something different, doesn’t mean it’s good. ??‍♂️

I like a lot of his concepts, but in practice, not much.

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The only game I liked by him was DS. Just because of how weird and unique it was, I dunno, it was something different. But yes, I think he is for sure overrated. Don't tell Geoff Keighley that, though.. But never cared for games like ZOE and especially MGS.

I haven't played any of his games but I skimmed through a playthrough video of MGS3 just now and was greeted with some of the most cringe cutscenes I've ever seen. If it was a farce on purpose it would be more entertaining.

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JuliusHackebeil said:
Kyuu said:

I think he's a great and innovative designer and a good director. But his writing is inconsistent and for the most part convoluted (a common problem with Japanese writers) and pretentious. I adored MGS1 as a young teenager and I still do, but honestly it's the only MGS that feels authentic, cringe-free, and cinematically revolutionary in my opinion.

My first game that involved Kojima is Penguin Adventure on MSX, which remains my favorite game of its era. He's also responsible for Zone of the Enders (the 2nd Runner was one hell of a game), so I very much appreciate his contributions even outside Metal Gear.

You mentioned that it is a common problem with japanese writers to come up with convoluted stories. There must be some truth to this at least in video games. I tend to enjoy stories from japan way less. Does not mean that there are no japanese games with good stories. But there are hardly any with good and simple stories. Everything is always a bit of a mess. I wonder it this has something to do with translation, or with some cultural difference in perception and taste. (Again, not saying that is the case with literaly every japanese game. The storys of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are just great. But they are also not the rule in how japanese games even tell stories.)

Very much this. Japanese stories in games tend to be so high concept that they are hard to relate to on any meaningful level. Metaphysics to quantum physics to legends and myths and obscure philosophical and psychological takes on things, all things come together in a perfect storm of what the fuck. Kojima also drifts toward this. They just don't know how to tell a simple story.

He is overrated. But not undeserving. The man has a unique style that is not found anywhere else in the gaming world. That style is imo not good enough for the praise he personally get, but for the people who like it there are few options.
The original Metal Gear on NES was different in the way it wanted the player to avoid killing people. Metal Gear Solid broke the forth wall in ingenious ways. He have influenced the medium, widen what types of games we can play.

The most? No, that's Nomura.

Hmm, pie.

It's funny that you started playing where his writing got horrible. He had a collaborator, whose name I forget, for MGS1-3 which were all written very compellingly. He left before MGS4 and since then the writing has been absolutely abysmal. Hard to believe that's a coincidence.

MGS 2 has a vampire, fat guy on skates and a lucky person who can't be hurt.... yes, Kojima is a terrible story teller.