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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would you be ok with Switch games costing $70-90 if...

If they had bigger cartridge sizes so that they can fit the entire game? Instead of how you have to download part of it as DLC as it is in some cases nowadays.

Because it was like that back in the N64 and SNES days.
Chrono Trigger launched for $80 because of the more expensive cartridge..

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Fuck. No. Almost most games now have the whole game. I can't remember the last time I needed to do that. The DL thing was mostly in the early days when the 16GB carts were more expensive. Most Switch games now fit on the 16GB card. Switch 2 might use 32GB more often but storage will be cheaper.

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I'm not ok with most of their games being 60 USD let alone 90

Many publishers are too stingy with the cartridges as it is "EHEM" Pokemon BD/SP "EHWM", not need to justify any more price gouging.

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No but they will more than likely be $70 on the Switch's successor.

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No. Most of the games that requires a download are just the publishers being cheap. Like Capcom is the biggest offender of this.

Yes I been saying it since day 1. The reason for this is because I am a collector first, gamer second. I want to be able to enjoy these experiences with my son when he is older, and own dead weight plastic carts when you can't get the digital patch to make the game work.

Pretty much avoided EA, 2K, Ubisoft, Capcom games because of this practise.

Why even have a physical game if you have to download part of it to play?

Why sell me a 2-3game bundle if only the first game is physical and the other two ae digital downloads? Have multiple carts in the package.

Why sell me a game only has a digital code? Don't waste my time making a physical box that has no cart.

I stopped counting at about 20, but wouldn't surprise me if it's about 40 games I skipped purchasing because of these bullshit practices.



It's certainly difficult. I think it should be okay to increase the price for the physical since cartridges are expensive af. Maybe different prices for digital and physical? I'm sure the ppl that don't care would just choose digital and ppl that wants the full game could get physical but slightly more expensive. The only issue with this solution are with retailers. Digital future is already progressing, retailers just gotta accept reality man.

I’m a download only guy, and have been for about a decade on consoles, and even longer on PC and mobile. To me, the substance of a video game is the data containing the experience and its assets, not the medium.


For people who want a plug and play-like experience, I think it’s an enormous amount of bullshit that a company makes you download a bunch of stuff to be able to play the game you bought on a plug and play device, a game card, cartridge, or disk. So, I can see the issue that physical object collectors see with this.

On the other hand, most publishers these days see physical storefronts as a means of distribution and advertisement. In other words, they don’t care if they’re selling you a voucher code on paper - as long as they get eyes on their product and people who want to impulse or gift buy. So, aI can understand how people who are collectors will feel screwed by the current paradigm.

O what will likely happen is the market will move primarily to download only, and the collectable side will remain, with the physical storefront for download vouchers and such will disappear over time. That’s my working prediction at least.

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Yes, if that means the whole game on preferably faster storage (UHS-2 or better) with save games and patches saved on the cartridge itself, more than worth $90 to me.

Bigger cartridges would be nice as well. Compact flash was a nice size to handle, although you had to be careful with the pins in shallow connectors. But with 50 pins vs 9 connections on a SD card, imagine what kinda speeds you could get with a modern compact flash interface nowadays.

@Shatts digital prices will only go up when physical dies, less competition, higher prices. It's a nice myth spun by the industry making people believe digital prices are kept high to appease brick and mortar stores. It's simply priced high because people are willing to pay more for the convenience not to get off their arse.
Same is true for games and will only get worse with less physical options around.