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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Does the Steam Deck REALLY Destroy the Switch?

sethnintendo said:
Conina said:

Indie games like Elden Ring, Marvel's Spider-Man, No Man's Sky, Skyrim and Moster Hunter Rise?

For a Top10 this is is a good mix of indie games, AA games and AAA games.

The point of the article was the top 10 games are almost all available on the switch. 

So "almost all" is the new "half"?

  • Vampire Survivors ain't available on Switch so far
  • Elden Ring ain't on Switch
  • Marvel's Spider-Man ain't available on Switch
  • No Man's Sky ain't available on Switch so far
  • Multiversus ain't available on Switch so far

Also I answered to YOUR OWN point about "most people just play indie games" / "Have fun playing your indie games on PC revolution handheld."

So nice try to shift the goal post.

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Chrkeller said:
Conina said:

Why play any third party game on Switch, which is also on PlayStation, Xbox or PC with much better graphics and performance?

For me, there isn't one.  I wouldn't touch a Switch game that is on the ps5. That inlcudes Indies like Tunic and Hades.  

The Switch is for exclusives, IMO, which includes Bayo 3, Rabbids 2, Advance Wars, BotW2, Fire Emblem Engage, Pikmin 4, etc.

I bought my Switch for the complete opposite reasoning. I bought mine purely for indies and a few 1st party games (a total of 2, since Pokemon went downhill for me).

Actually, now I think back on it, all my Nintendo handhelds were mostly bought for smaller games, some third parties and a small handful of 1st party throughout the years. 

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Chrkeller said:
zero129 said:

Standed Switch costs €300 and Oled costs 350, steamdeck costs 400. How is that 200+ more??. and i didnt know Spider man, elden ring, no mans sky, etc was on switch??.

Problem, for me, is why play Elden Ring on the Steam Deck...  when I have a ps5?  Elden Ring doesn't strike me as something I would do on the go.  

I think I agree with this reasoning, for that specific game at least. Every game I need more dexterity I avoid to play handheld, for instance I almost always play Hollow Knight and Metroid docked on Switch

But that are tons of RPGs that play awesome handheld, Dragon Quest XI, Ocopath Traveler, Shin Megami Tensei... I'm sure Persona 5 must be really nice to play handheld too

sethnintendo said:
Conina said:

Indie games like Elden Ring, Marvel's Spider-Man, No Man's Sky, Skyrim and Moster Hunter Rise?

For a Top10 this is is a good mix of indie games, AA games and AAA games.

The point of the article was the top 10 games are almost all available on the switch.  So why spend an extra 100+ dollars if you aren't going to play anything more demanding?

Let's face the facts.  Handhelds are for short term play.  That's why Sony could never grasp the market enough.  Sure they had the hit in PSP at the time but it still got its' ass spanked by the DS.  You know what most people I ran into that had PSP.  Well it can emulate SNES games or whatever.  I was like wow good job there playing pirated Nintendo software on your PSP.  Sure they had some good games on PSP but when Vita came out it was like Sony had its head up its ass.  Now they were telling you these are console experience games no pussy shit kiddy nintendo games yet they barely supported it and 3rd parties said fuck it.  I feel like I'm in deja vu because now I have valve lovers (I like steam don't get me wrong I have more games on there that I probably won't be able to even play fully) saying oh this time its different. 

Now the proof is in the damn pudding.  Handheld market is where most major companies think they understand yet they have no clue.  I see steam deck orders drying up within a year or two.  I'll put their total sales at around 10-20 million which isn't bad but it isnt shit compared to any Nintendo handheld.  I also don't even really consider the switch that much of handheld.  Sure I play in handheld mode when I'm at home but I can't put the damn thing in my pocket.  Those days are apparently over except if you buy an emulator handheld.  I highly doubt you can put the steam deck in your pocket and I don't give a fuck about the dimensions because if you cant even put switch lite in there is no way in hell you can put that thing.   So have fun walking around with a backpack or a carrying case.  Handhelds are dead pretty much except for the emulator ones that are being released.  GBA Micro failed but maybe they should make a Switch micro that I could actually put in my damn pocket.

Funny thing is the original Gameboy if you stuck it in your pocket it would stick out like a mf.  So not many did but then the gameboy color came out, then the gba advance, gba sp, ds (was fat in your pocket but still fit), ds lite, 3DS, 3DS XL, etc... which all could fit in a pocket easily.  I thought as we got more advanced that we could shrink it to pocket yet have decent processing power.  Fast forward to current times and apparently nothing can fit in your pocket except a phone that plays shit games on shit controls.  I'll excuse myself from this forum because obviously we are all fucked.  We can't even figure out how to make a true handheld system anymore...  I am a relic of the past.  Enjoy your shit future.  Now everyone wants to play RNG/Gatcha or whatever the fuck you call it games on their cellphones.  As Chef Ramsay politely says... Fuck off and that isn't directed to you.  That's directed to everyone.

Handheld gaming is far from dead, it's just not like it used to be. There are a lot of people who play handheld for the more intimate privacy, say laying in their bed or in the other room while their family is watching a movie they're not interested in, or even because a common-sized household of 5 does not usually have more than two TVs, if even two for that matter. I mean, the Switch is proof in and of itself that the market is there, especially given how often the excuse for the Switch's weak hardware looking terrible on a TV is met with "the graphics look fine on the Switch screen". I mean, some basis for this comes in how many Nintendo fans felt or still feel that Nintendo doesn't need to care about 4K, and that 1080p is fine (even though many of their games do not sit at a native 1080p anyway).

I think my tldr version of that is that, while some people do bring their Switches around with them, for the most part its about the privacy and ease of playing on their own, even in the presence of a TV or other manner of playing on the Switch. These are likely also often kids while mom/dad use the big TV.


General reply response:

It doesn't surprise me that a lot of indie games are played on the Deck: indie games are often shorter, easier jump-in and jump-out type games. This is also Nintendo's formula for the most part as it really fits with the shorter bursts of handheld gaming. Add to that most indie games don't push hardware, and you'll see battery life on the Deck at 4+ hours on an indie game where you might only get 2 hours on a AAA game like DMC5 or Death Stranding straining every ounce of power out of it.

However, that doesn't take away from the fact that the Deck provides the option to also play AAA games, AND thanks to cloud saves, continue once you get home to your beefy PC rig or whatever. I think I said it someplace else, but the Deck can also be considered an extension of your actual PC, so now you've technically got another application that currently isn't possible anywhere else: play the game on the go; and also play the game on maxed out graphics settings, 60+ fps at home.

But anyway, my own Deck review is due soon, and I wholeheartedly suspect it will be a dead thread like it's supposed to be where a lot of this thread's discussions should have took place lol

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