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Forums - Sales Discussion - 140M+ Club Chart (NSW vs NDS vs PS2 vs PS3&360 vs PS4&XB1)

yo33331 said:
Jumpin said:

Gameboy is probably as close to a sleeper hit video game system as has ever been. While it wasn’t a weak launch, the initial 5-7 year general lifespan of a system was only a moderate success, coming in below the level of the SNES… At year 6, PS4 was more than doubles Gameboy. Then  Pokémon comes out, and not too long after Gameboy rockets into the high tier and surpasses PS4.

Actually the Gameboy crawl with it's last strenght to surpass the PS4. It had peak year with almost 19M after which a massive drop to 4.7M and then short of even 300k. That's probably the biggest cliff in history.

I stand corrected. After year 6, the Gameboy just crawled another ~75 million sales. 

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trunkswd said:
yo33331 said:

When you think about it it was only less than 10M short of PS4&XB1 combined(158.7M vs 167.3M)

PS2 had some crazy legs. I'd say helped by the slow start to the PS3 and the fact it was cheap and sold really well in the smaller markets later on. 

I doubt we will ever see a console with the legs of the PS2 ever again. 

Sony distribution is remarkable. Nintendo today doesn´t have this level because is only a video game company

This, the aggressive price reduction and behemoth library were the stronger features of the legs of Ps2. 

The wrong price point and the fierce competition ( Wii and Xbox 360) are the major drawbacks of Sony this generation. 

The chart has been updated with the new shipment numbers report from Nintendo.

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