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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo is seriously doomed

So I've just discovered Mario will be in the public domain by 2082

So their other 80s IPs are following suit right after that

By 2100 Nintendo will lose all its heavy hitters and will no longer have any exclusivity to sell their hardware

It's over, just a matter of waiting to see their decline now

Feel free to bookmark this thread when Switch sales fall off a cliff once other studios start releasing Mario on their own platforms

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Tagging. If you are wrong, in 2101 I'll be back in this thread to call you out..

Weeellll ... They did always say Nintendo was supposed to be doomed.

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Mario's downfall does not spell doom for Nintendo. If anything, it was Mario's rise to prominence that killed the company. When their sales start to plummet, then we'll finally witness the resurgence of the real Nintendo that we all know and love from their trading cards.

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Fuck :(

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According to the second law of thermodynamics, we're all doomed.

Nintendoomed...eventually. Look what has happened to Winnie the Pooh since that hit the public domain. 

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Nintendoom is always doomed.
But regarding IPs, that will be just the original chars design or so, the modern games and design would still be protected.

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trunkswd said:

Nintendoomed...eventually. Look what has happened to Winnie the Pooh since that hit the public domain. 


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