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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are the dumbest story twists in video games? (spoilers)

Heavy Rain

The whole Scott Shelby reveal, tho I don't know if "dumb" is a fitting world. Its just implausible. 


The whole Cereza's real identity thing

Batman: Arkham Knight

Jason Todd is the Arkham Knight. Everyone and their grandmothers saw that one coming. 


Almost every plot reveal, this games story is all over the place, but most notably Tidus being a dream of the Fayth was really weak sauce. 


Again, almost every plot reveal. Specially the whole orphanage backstory and everyone having amnesia? Geez.



Necron reveal. Would've been better to have a final boss that didnt came out of nowhere and actually had something to do with the plot rather than just "hey, turns out this random character who you've never heard of was behind everything mwahaha"

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Alice being an android was like... errrr, hard to accept. And unnecessary too 

Fallout 3:

You're setting up the wasteland's only hope for renewal in an increasingly high-radiation area, and are expected to sacrifice your own life. The thing is, you have a companion who is completely immune to radiation who could do it safely and come out alive so you can enjoy your father's hard work. His excuse for not doing it is that he doesn't want to cheat you out of the opportunity to sacrifice your life For The Greater Good.
Not to mention the whole Deus Ex Machina Bethesda had to do to get you out of the grave in Broken Steel, after they realized they'd written a really dumb ending to the main game and tried to rectify it.

SanAndreasX said:

Final Fantasy VIII:

They find out all of a sudden that every playable character except Rinoa grew up together at an orphanage run by the game's main villain up to that point, and they all forgot about it except Irvine because of amnesia from the GFs.


Also Kingdom Hearts

It initially seems the keyblade is a special and unique weapon... But by the end everyone has one. But there is a super special version. That's called Chi blade. Which is pronounced the same. They must be trolling us.

Bioshock Infinite:

Almost the entire plot is one big ass-pull. Like the game itself, they apparently couldn't figure out which direction to go with things.

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That reminds me of a game from my teens... "Ed, Edd'n Eddy: Jawbreakers" for Game Boy Advanced. It's based on the TV Show.

The game follows the Eds getting tickets from their rivals in order to earn a lot of jawbreakers.


At the ending, it's revealed that the only character you don't fight during the game is actually the one with the winning ticket. So everyone, except the main characters get the jawbreakers.

Worst of all, the final joke of the game is Edd saying that "even in the video games it looks like the odds are against us".

Leynos said:

Star Ocean 3

None of it happened. It was just a simulation

Final Fantasy X

Tidus wasn't real

I knew SO3 was going to appear in this thread and I am still annoyed. Those who bitch about SO3's plot twist don't understand the ending; The ppl of Eternal Sphere literally wished themselves back existence. That ending was done specifically to show the player that they have evolved past just data. If they are, or if we are, just a simulation does it matter? Nope. FFX is just flat out wrong. 

Recently Kingdom Hearts 3 ... Xehanort, stfu with that reveal. Such a slap in the face. The entire last 2 hours is just wtf is going here.

.hack series: I just don't the grand reveal lived up to all the mystery. Pretty cheesy actually.

I love Chrono Cross but the story gets more and more schizo as it goes and I guess it reaches the most absurd point when turns out that one of the characters/villains is the


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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Chrkeller said:

Everything in the TLou 2.

So true. It was just such a non-starter for me. Every turn the story took got me less invested in it. Such a wasted potential: actually, your enimies are humans too. Wow, so deep, such amaze.

No spoiler tags for this one. Every David Cage game. All of them. Piles of shit with shit stories and the dumbest twists ever. Detroit one is the funniest and dumbest shit there is.

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