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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 25, 2022 (Jun 13 - Jun 19)

Well not much to say except I thought Sony would ship more consoles?

Edit: This post was made on 15.12 GMT + 1 and reaction was made on that's moment available information that the OP provided.

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All software is down WoW this week except for BDSP. I think Switch and PS5 hardware are down too. Kind of a bummer week.

Typical summer week I guess. Low numbers, no big releases.

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I can't believe Xbox outsold Playstation again.

Xbox outselling PS5 in japan again.

Kirby really is chugging along well

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PS5 + Xbox Series being under 10k is a sad sight. It's unfortunate Xbox Series outselling the PS5 this week has to happen this way.

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im going to lose vg$ on that ps5

nvm wrong week

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Xbox is over 6k

Sony needs to consider a ps5 lite. I know people are saying this would be a challenge, but they need to get some hardware on the shelves.

I wonder what kind of conversations they are having at PlayStation HQ in Japan. How do they react to such numbers? They can't be satisfied with these hardware and software sales even if the system is constantly sold out. Do they get feedback from their retail partners? Wouldn't they like to improve their sale performance? There is so much potential in the Japanese market.

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