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Forums - Politics Discussion - I'm putting this in politics, I need a person to teach me how to be more Left american

Pemalite said:

Clearly the guy is trying to be a troll. But I digress.

Stress less over the right vs left, progressive vs conservative issues. Sit in the center, weigh up both arguments and choose which one offers the biggest benefit for everyone in the nation... That way you don't try and shut down your opponents for being... Well. Opponents.

I don't think he trolling, unless most his post on here are. They all have the same feel to them.

I honestly think he is insecure about himself and comes across like he has high anxiety and potentially got kicked in the balls (figure of speech) from his family over the years damaging him mentally. I think he just writes whatever pops up in his mind without proof reading and gathering thought on how to write it in a constructive way. I get that Michael Jackson vibe where I feel he hasn't been given the freedom to grow up and experience life with his own decisions. So now as an adult there is that struggle without the guidance or decision maker telling him what to do. 

@SegaHeart I am not bagging you out, just pointing out what I have seen in recent months on a more increasing basis and I truly hope you can learn to be more confident in what you want from your life and even seek help from a local support group. Hell even vent on here, you know most of us will reply to your posts and try to give some advise. 



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SegaHeart said:

Whenever I post something or anything about politics correct me, and educate me let me slowly side to the left more, also Trump sucks what a jerk.

Instead of being a left american just become a european, it is just better :) Or at least Canadian.

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