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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What system advanced the most graphically from its launch games to its peak?

My first notice was the SNES. I know many would think of Donkey Kong or something else for the SNES but to me it was Street Fighter Alpha 2. To see very similar graphic level of a PS1/Sega Saturn game on a SNES blew me away (granted the SNES had a few extra seconds of load time before each match more pixels).

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mZuzek said:
snyps said:

I know Wii U comes in last in this regard. Literally, that poor thing was maxed out at birth.

I know it's a silly comparison but I think you were a bit harsh there.

Edit: honestly, giving it a bit more thought, I'd actually say this about the Switch. Its games, even exclusives, have barely improved visually since 2017, and in the realm of non-exclusives, they feel like they look worse and worse the more outdated the console becomes.