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Forums - Gaming Discussion - All digital people, what was your final physical purchase?

umm.... I can't remember?

Probably a Pokemon game on 3DS. I got a used copy of Alpha Sapphire awhile back, so probably that.

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Here's the thing. I wouldn't say I've gone digital, as I fully intend to buy a disced PS5 at some point. Prices alone are forcing that as PSN don't exactly compete with UK pricing wars.

This said, I haven't bought a disced game since maybe 2018 personally but I've been given disced games since, GoW was the last I think.

Hmm, pie.

I am not sure I will go full digital.

But it has been years since I bought a physical game. It could have been Dragon Age Inquisition.

Witcher 3 Collectors Edition

God of War 2018 which I later gave to a charity shop after completion.

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I thought I went full digital, but since I got my Switch I keep buying physical games for it.
If I ignore Switch cartridges, MGS: phantom pain was the last disc I bought, around 6 years ago.

Pokémon Diamond remake, didn't know I wanted it but grabbed it and a Switch Lite Pokémon edition

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BonfiresDown said:

Could be Diablo III on PC. Really nice box.

I might buy Ring Fit at some point though.

I think mine was Diablo III as well, we expected congestion issues in servers and wanted to avoid a large download (buy were we ever right about that). I use Steam, GOG and Origin (and, of course,

I still buy physical on PS, Sony's servers are way too slow for all digital, and drive space is an issue with modern games.

I guess it would be Devil May Cry 5. I buy digital unless I happen to be in a Best Buy and see a game I want (which doesn't happen very often). On Switch, I'm about 80% digital and my physical games kinda get snubbed because I can't be bothered to switch cartridges.

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Oh snap, I forgot 3DS games lol. I bought like 25 physical 3DS games in 2020 and 2021 and a few digital, depending on what was cheaper. But on my Switch I'm practically all digital.