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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite game(s) that time forgot

Breath of fire series. I would give up my rock hard abs for that series to return, if I had them.

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curl-6 said:

For me:

Fatal Frame 4. The fact it was foolishly only released in Japan contributes a lot to this, but I really feel it's one of the finest horror games I have ever played, with a powerful atmosphere, genuine scariness, and a poignant undercurrent of melancholy. One of my favourite games on Wii.

The Last Story. Localization also played a role in this one not getting the exposure it deserved, but it's also a Wii classic that seems largely forgotten. It has one of my favourite battle systems in a JPRG, charming characters, a wonderful score, and a refreshing lack of cringe.

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. A fantastic rollercoaster ride of slick arcade goodness, bursting at the seams with energy and dynamism and a showcase for how amazing pointer aiming can be when done right.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. I really enjoyed this one. It had really effective atmosphere and storytelling, clever and enjoyable use of the Wiimote, some of the best graphics on Wii, and it was genuinely scary. At a time when it was rare for third party games on Wii to actually try, this one felt like it had real effort behind it.

Starfox 1993. Almost always overlooked in favour of its more lavish N64 successor, the SNES original is still an excellent space epic with awesome bosses, fantastic music, and a very well balanced level of challenge. It's also a watershed technological milestone in the home console space that I feel actually holds up better than the 3D of the N64 era thanks to its simple flat shaded polygons mixed with appealing 16-bit sprite work.

Great selection altogheter, I would add Red Steel 2 to those wii games, the game came out at the time when interest in wii was starting to die,  like lots of other non-nintendo franchises it was overlooked despite the effort developers made to have one if not the best motion plus controlled game on the wii, rectifying lots of problems they had with the first one, while not having a great storyline or far deeper characters, it was a great experience with the controls and graphics that were very stylish for the wii(i also liked the samurai/gunsliger mashup, and i guess  the first game could also have a rework to make it work better).

JuliusHackebeil said:
KratosLives said:

Vagrant story
Wing commader 4
Hogs of war

Hogs of war is also my pick - did not think anybody else would mention it. Me and my brother played probably for 100s of hours. Never really multiplayer, but the campaign was excellent! Such a fun game.

And the little things the hogs say before firing a gun, or before dying always made me laugh with their accents. Such an endearing game. And yet quite hard towards the end. Or at least it felt that way in the 90s, earl 2000s. Really sone incredibly fond memories.

Lol yeah, the hog's had me laughing. And it definitely got challenging towards the end. 

Vodacixi said:
cycycychris said:

I think one good one is Affordable Space Adventure on the Wii U. I had so much fun playing that game with my friend. It had such a great use of the gamepad, visually looked impressive, and the overall story and kind of lore it was going for was witty and a added plus. The gamelpay was just great and was a fun puzzler. Its a shame we will probably never see a sequel to that game or any game like in the future.

Totally agree. One of the most unique co-op experiences I've ever played, right there with Star Fox Zero. Too bad that with the dead of the Wii U and its Gamepad we won't see a game like ASA never again... 

To me... I think it has to be Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Wario Land: Shake It! in the US). Not only the Land series has fallen into obscurity in favor of the Wario Ware series, but for the few people that still talks about Wario Land, Shake Dimension is too often forgotten. Which is insane, because to me its easily the best in the series. The platforming and puzzles are great, the level design is pretty original, it has far more content than any other Wario Land game and the visuals and music are fantastic. It's one of the Wii's little gems ^^

I loved both of those, especially how Wario Land looked like a living cartoon with it's art style. For my choice I've gotta rep my old favorite Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure. Action Platformer on the top screen and block-matching puzzle on the bottom. The gameplay loop between killing enemies on the platform screen then having to eliminate then on the puzzle screen, nabbing bonuses nand healing damage in the process was also such a fun and additive mechanic. And sadly with the advancement of the generations leaving the dual screen behind I know there will never be a sequel.

Rumble Racing. It got good reviews and everyone who plays it, tends to have fun playing it.

But nobody ever talks about it.

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I grew up playing games on Acorn computers, so most of what I know no one will know, some people might know them. Things like Ibix the Viking and Moonquake.

In my actual gaming terms, some of my favourite games of all time is Devil Dice and Kurushi on PS1.

Hmm, pie.

Warpath 97
The Yukon Trail
Math/Magic Mountain
Chameleon twist

There’s a small dedicated speed running community for Chameleon Twist. The first game seems fun for speed running.

ireadtabloids said:

There’s a small dedicated speed running community for Chameleon Twist. The first game seems fun for speed running.

I just can't get into speedrunning. I like to enjoy experiencing the game, not spend countless hours perfecting the tiniest technique. More power to those that do, especially the charity runners, just isn't enjoyable for me to do a game blazing fast.

KratosLives said:

Vagrant story
Wing commader 4
Hogs of war

Ctrl F - Vagrant Story already listed. My man. One of the favourite turn based JRPG's. Game gets insanely difficult but combat is so satisfying. Its a shame the game has been lost with SE not caring and Sony since they dropped all PS1 support - I even bought it on PS3 :(

Other ones..

Gunstar Heroes
World of Illusion
Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu
Timesplitters 2
Champions of Norath
Lost Odyssey
Jet Set Radio / Future