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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite game(s) that time forgot

Sinstar is an old arcade classic I mention sometimes that takes a while for anyone to remember.
Still, I guess we’re at the point where games like Frogger and even more recent games like Lemmings that have sold close to 40 million copies between them are getting forgotten then Sinistar is going to have a tougher time.

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Spikeout by Sega is a favorite of mine. Noone knows that game and Dynamite Deka series aka Die hard arcade with different coat of skin paint without the american die hard license , I enjoy Dynamite Deka 2 on Dreamcast and many other series from Sega from many genre's.

Dynamite Deka 1 

Dynamite Deka 2 

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

Betrayal at Krondor


Der Patrizier

The Ogre Battle Series...I loved it...but it was never finished sadly.

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Legacy of Kain series used to be popular franchise between PS1 to PS2 era, but ultimately it's forgotten and unfinished story telling.

Oasis series or known as The Story of Thor series in Europe. Uh oh... lmao.

Golden Axe series, last releases was Beast Rider. Goddamn, it was trainwreck and the IP died here.

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Wizards and Warriors
Maniac Mansion
Skies of Arcadia
Eternal Darkness
Viewtiful Joe
Zach and Wiki

Hiku said:

I don't know if Shadow Hearts counts.

But it hasn't been a thing since the third game back in 2005. And key members of the development team has split up into different companies, so even if it were to come back some day, it probably wouldn't have the same writer, director, etc.

The first game released around the same time as FFX, so it was largely overlooked. And it was originally developed for PS1, but moved to PS2 late in development, so the visuals look notably more primitive than it does in the sequels.

This game holds a special place in my heart because when there are few people to talk to about a game you're passionate about, you especially remember the people you shared the experience with. And the series was recommended to me by some good friends from back then, so I associate the game with them and that time.
It has an interesting unique combat system, which I've heard resembles the one in Legend of Dragoon in some ways. 

The dark atmosphere, in particular from the first game, is something that stood out to me as well.
Had a lot of memorable characters, and there's a certain promotional music video that always gets me with the music, because it reminds me of the ending.

Shadow hearts covenant music video - YouTube

I'm NOT listening to it. Don't feel like crying today.


I lied. I listened to it. Fuck!

Yes it does especially the first two games with covenant the cherry on top.

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drbunnig said:
Illusion said:

Turok series

Definitely in the way of new games, but with the first two games remastered by Nightdive in the last few years (and a chance they'll do some of the others too), I don't think they're forgotten about.

I know what you're saying, but how much are these re-releases and re-masters actually restoring the popularity of these series?  I mean, Phantasy Star recently got released on Nintendo Switch Online as well, but I can't imagine more than a handful of people actually played this game in the past year.  Shadows of the Empire also had a recent re-master but I still think that I am one of the only people on the planet who is actually still playing it in the past year (as evidence, there are only a handful of let's plays of this game left on Youtube and I can't even find a single online walkthrough anymore for locating all of the power-ups on each level -- there is a ton of lost information about this game that is still in my mind but I cannot find anywhere on the internet now which is a really weird feeling).  

Maybe I am wrong about Turok because it is a series that is not quite as beloved to me and I do not know exactly how big the re-masters were, but I can definitely tell you that many of these games on my list are largely forgotten even if they had remasters/re-releases in the last 6 years and it is largely because they are just not approachable to modern audiences anymore.

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Mine would be Ring of Red especially because there was so much potential to work with especially in regard to having end of battle ranking up via skill trees for your surviving various types of soldiers that support your Mech and for all those twenty minute long battles a mid battle save point would be good.

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Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot