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Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD 2021 thread


NSW- 1.3m

XBS- 900k

PS5- 800k

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My predictions:

NS: 1,130,466

XS: 740,879

PS5: 410,739

Last edited by Jumpin - on 13 December 2021

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Jumpin said:

My predictions:
NS: 1,396,468
XS: 911,881
PS5: 763,741

How could you possibly think that? Way too high, you're living in fantasy land. Clearly its:

NS: 1,396,466
XS: 911,879

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NSW - >3
XBS - >2
PS5 - >1

I think they will all sell at least 1 unit probably

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TheWalrusCaesar said:

I think they will all sell at least 1 unit probably

Bold prediction, but I agree.

Looking like a bad supply this year! Shocking November 2014 ps4, Xbox one and WiiU > 2021 switch, series x/S and ps5. ?

They’re saying switch was 1.13 mil

NSW: 1.13M

(edit) Reading skill  my bad

Endymion said:

NSW: 1.13M

550k of those Switch sales cam in Black Friday week.