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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony has formed the ‘PlayStation PC’ label for its PC games push.

Yea I wouldn't doubt if Sony really starts ramping up their ports to PC, especially as they bought Nixxes. I think it makes a lot of business sense as there isn't that much overlap between console gamers and PC gamers imo.

A person that wants to spend $500 on a gaming console isn't going to suddenly spend $1000 to play the exact same games.
A person that wants to play on a TV in their living room isn't going to buy a PC. While you can do it, most people aren't going to put in the effort.
The console experience is also much more streamlined than PC is.

On the other hand, a person that has skipped consoles the past few generations aren't suddenly going to buy a console just because Sony has some games on PC. Sure they are great games but a PC gamer who doesn't play on console doesn't do it for various reasons and getting a taste of some of the exclusives won't sway PC only gamers.

So I think overall, there's two different markets and putting exclusives onto PC will be a overall benefit with little to no downsides. I think MS has realized this and Sony is realizing this as well. Porting games to PC won't really affect console sales for the most part. I just hope they port Gravity Rush and Bloodborne one day.


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Now I just need a 'Nintendo PC' and all will be well with the world!

I do still wonder if they’re gonna try and keep their big exclusives only on PS5 for a little first and then port but either way I wouldnt be surprised

Nice, now I'm really confident in my decision to not buy a PlayStation console this generation for the first time in my life. I may have to wait a little, but I don't have time to play all the games I want anyway, so I won't even notice if a game comes one or two years later, lol.

Now I just hope that GPUs will get cheaper sometime in the future. My RTX 3070 is fine for now, but I will not be happy with it in 3 or 4 years. tbh I wanted to get a RTX 3080, but couldn't find one so I settled with the next best thing I got for close to MSRP. =/

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Neat. Bringing more games to PC will help more audience exposure and good regional pricing and deals, discounts etc

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Well now i just need my PC and my Nintendo console, nothing more.

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But it has always been Sony Computer Entertainment System, they just needed to add Personal to it.

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m0ney said:

But it has always been Sony Computer Entertainment System, they just needed to add Personal to it.

Rebrand PlayStation to SPCESytem

KLAMarine said:

Now I just need a 'Nintendo PC' and all will be well with the world!

Nintendo makes alot of profit from selli g their hardware. To me it seems like there are alot of people who play on PC and have the Switch as their only console. I think Nintendo would potentially make losses because of that.

I'm still not sure if going day one on PC would be a smart move for Sony. The two year gap seems to be an ideal way to keep the console attractive and yet cashing in on the PC later. Additionally, as streaming and VOD gaming is becoming an industry of its own, many people will need to buy the console to stay relevant when the big exclusives come.
I guess they could try going day one and they can always pull back, if it turns out that it bites them in the ass significantly in console sales.
Then again, developing hardware is a costly business with low margins especially in the beginning of the launch cycle, so maybe somewhere down the road Sony decides to become just a software publisher, an entertainment company with movies and games, and goes all out on that front.