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Yea I wouldn't doubt if Sony really starts ramping up their ports to PC, especially as they bought Nixxes. I think it makes a lot of business sense as there isn't that much overlap between console gamers and PC gamers imo.

A person that wants to spend $500 on a gaming console isn't going to suddenly spend $1000 to play the exact same games.
A person that wants to play on a TV in their living room isn't going to buy a PC. While you can do it, most people aren't going to put in the effort.
The console experience is also much more streamlined than PC is.

On the other hand, a person that has skipped consoles the past few generations aren't suddenly going to buy a console just because Sony has some games on PC. Sure they are great games but a PC gamer who doesn't play on console doesn't do it for various reasons and getting a taste of some of the exclusives won't sway PC only gamers.

So I think overall, there's two different markets and putting exclusives onto PC will be a overall benefit with little to no downsides. I think MS has realized this and Sony is realizing this as well. Porting games to PC won't really affect console sales for the most part. I just hope they port Gravity Rush and Bloodborne one day.


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