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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What the literal heck Nintendo?!?

Nintendo decided to drop the price of the Expansion Pack at the end of the Animal Crossing Direct.....and it's worse than I ever thought haha!! 

They're including this paid Animal Crossing DLC that's usually $25, which is cool, if you play Animal Crossing.

They need to announce EVERYTHING they plan on releasing for this added service to justify more than doubling the current subscription cost!

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lol yeah. 30 bucks more a year for a handful of N64 and Genesis games. Worst part is many people will pay for it. Cant put a price on Ocarina Of Time and Mario 64 I guess...

I'm out. Not sure what this comes to Canadian. But this is ridiculous.


Just saw the UK price of it and it's £35 a year which is a very wide discrepancy from before, where the base yearly subscription is £18/$20. I had a feeling it would be £35, but didn't expect it to be so steep in the US at $50!

FarleyMcFirefly said:

I'm out. Not sure what this comes to Canadian. But this is ridiculous.

Looks like it's almost 62 Canadian dollars.

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Double Post. Ignore this.

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Nintendo unashamedly displaying their arrogance.

By the time they add Wii titles it will be like 200$ a year...

They have been very greedy this gen.

That may be one of the quickest nopes I've ever done.

From $35 to $80. An additional $45 for a handful of N64, Genesis and WTF ever comes with Animal crossing. They are insane.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

I won't be getting this at least in the first year. I'll keep an eye on what they do with the service. At that price they better go back to when they would release new games every month. Including the Animal Crossing DLC is interesting, and if they include more dlc along the way it may add value to it. If they include older dlc say BOTW and Fire Emblem's dlc and others I may have interest one day. 9 N64 isn't going to cut it for me right now until they add a lot more.