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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sega Genesis and N64 Coming to Nintendo Online With a New Expansion Subscription

I hope the other games they showed, that are coming later aren't to spread out. Maybe at least one relevant game every month? Really wanna play Paper Mario.

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I would give it a year to see how well Nintendo keep up with releases. The Wii launched with n64 virtual console, and now with Switch we've had to wait 4 and a half years to get here. Need to see the price, and need to see how regularly and often they add content to it over the coming months.

i was debating that n64 controller, wireless is pretty cool but its just shit in any other use

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Don't really like that we have to pay more but maybe porting the games is more of a hassle and maybe there's some additional licensing fees.

If they ever do gc/wii, I might extend it.


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This is depressing. I've already played the SNES games I wanted in Switch online and was expecting N64 games to fill the gap. Nintendo instead is asking me to spend more money, hard skip for me

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I hope Nintendo doesn't regret this later on, or rather, that they don't do something else worse than this. Really don't understand them on this one (well, if people pay, there really isn't need of an explanation), Switch Online needed value enhancement, and instead they're asking for more money for something that could've helped in that.

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I dont like the idea of paying more for those games. Their current collection isnt growing like their competitions does.

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I've had plenty of chances to play these games on Wii and Wii U's virtual consoles, many of which I still own on them. This would have been great if it was included as part of the current subscription, but I'm not paying extra for them, especially when games that you know will never come to the Switch NSO like GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and the WWF wrestling games will be missing.

Also, why the hell wouldn't they include the sexy and practical six-button Genesis controller instead of the fat and ugly three button one?

burninmylight said:

Also, why the hell wouldn't they include the sexy and practical six-button Genesis controller instead of the fat and ugly three button one?

.....If you aware of this.

Japan is legit getting a six-button Mega-Drive controller, according to Japanese Nintendo Direct.