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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Steam Deck 1 vs. Switch 2 - Which will be better?


Which will be a better overall device?

Steam Deck 1 11 28.21%
Switch 2 26 66.67%
I'm waiting for Steam Deck 2 0 0%
I'm waiting for Switch 3 2 5.13%

I don't think Nintendo will even try to beat the specs of the steam deck. It's not a direct competitor anyway. Nintendo will just use hardware that is good enough for their purposes, but it won't be top notch or anything. Battery life will be more important anyway. So if the Switch 2 releases in 2023 or something, it will be on par with the Steam Deck at best if you ask me.

That said, the specs alone won't really determine which of the two is "better". That is entirely subjective. The Steam Deck will be better for me personally as I prefer the freedom I can only get on a PC. I would even prefer the Steam Deck if the Switch 2 gets a massive power upgrade over it, which is very unlikely. That said, if you love Nintendo games over all else, a Steam Deck won't do you any good with that, so a Switch 2 will be the better choice. I like both worlds, so I will get both devices anyway. And there's really no point in a direct comparison.

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I don't expect a Switch 2 any time soon maybe around 2024. So naturally I would hope that it has better specs than what the Deck has but it's Nintendo we're talking about so who knows.

Conina said:
Wman1996 said:

Well, there's virtually no way Switch 2 will have 16 GB RAM.

Why not?

Why should it? RAM is very useful for multitasking apps and assets in video game environments (plus some other things). Nintendo has usually shown they could care less about those two things. 

If Switch 2 is better than a PS4 in terms of specs, or around a PS4 Pro, 16 GB is overkill. Why would Nintendo put that much in it? Putting 16 GB of RAM in the Switch 2 would be like if they launched the Switch with 8 GB RAM back in 2017.

Now if Switch 2 does have 16 GB of RAM, that's cool. I just doubt Nintendo will put that much in there. Capcom had to request for Nintendo to give the Switch 4 GB RAM. So that means the Switch probably would've launched with 2 GB RAM or a weird 3 GB of RAM if Capcom hadn't made their case with Resident Evil.

Nintendo is famous for skimping on certain specs or features in their hardware to keep the costs down. I couldn't see them having a device with 16 GB RAM until Switch 2 Pro or Switch 3.

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Isn't Switch's ARM procesor architecture better than the Deck's x86 when you have native support in both?

I mean, if we have a Switch 2 with the same specs as Deck.

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Wman1996 said:

Well, there's virtually no way Switch 2 will have 16 GB RAM. So that of course is already one way the Steam Deck will be superior. Switch 2 will probably have 8 GB RAM, maybe 10 GB (like the Xbox Series S). Switch 2 will probably have a slightly faster CPU and slightly better GPU.

The resolution will probably be pretty comparable. I do see Nintendo going above 720p, but not sure if they will go for 1080p. Switch 2 will probably have a 800p or 900p screen.

Overall in terms of horsepower, Switch 2 will probably be a superior device. That will be even more likely if it doesn't release until 2024 or 2025.

Really depends on the memory interface.
DDR5 should have twice the memory density as DDR4... In conjunction with much faster memory transfers.

Odd-ball numbers like 10GB will only be feasible if they go with an odd-ball memory interface. I.E. Each 2GB memory chip has 32bit bus for a 128bit memory interface in total... 10GB would bring it to 160bit.

Or they can do clamshell mode or somewhat... But it's not as elegant or as efficient.

JRPGfan said:

Steamdeck is rocking :
CPU: 4c 8t Zen2 @ 3,5 ghz
GPU: 1,64 Tflop RDNA2
Ram: 16GB LPDDR5 (88 GB/s memory bandwidth)

Thats pretty solid by todays standards.
Remember the Switch is like 197 Gflops to 240 Gflops, in handheld mode.
This things GPU is 7 times faster than the Switchs.

I think Nintendo "could" offer just as much as this, with a Switch 2.
Hopefully they have nvidia working on makeing the chip already, and now they have a goal to aim for (beating the Steamdeck in hardware).

Teraflops tells us absolutely nothing about performance. Nothing.

It's theoretical, not real world.

The RDNA2 chip in the Steamdeck is absolutely more efficient clock for clock, flop for flop than the Maxwell Tegra as well.

eddy7eddy said:

Isn't Switch's ARM procesor architecture better than the Deck's x86 when you have native support in both?

I mean, if we have a Switch 2 with the same specs as Deck.

Ryzen is in a different league compared to the antiquated ARM A57 cores.

The Switch 2 however would probably use Denver or such... Even then Ryzen gets an easy home run.

AMD is leading the industry right now... Which has been a blessing for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X... They aren't using the worst CPU's one can find on the market again.

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The Highly likely scenario is that Switch 2 will have DLSS 3.0 due to a NVidia GPU, the Steam Deck uses a AMD GPU so it wont, Switch 2 will have an advantage in performance efficiency  

Switch is also set up with easy local multiplayer in mind as well, this does give it great flexibility in game features  

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Power efficiency of ARM will defeat X86 in tiny tablets. Look at the most powerful single thread chip, a budget mobile 15W chip beating its 125W desktop competition.

On top of that Switch 2 will again have a console low level API vs LINUX/Windows bloat layers.

Dulfite said:
holzi said:

The Switch is simple, it is fast, is flexible and it works.

Steam Deck is the secondary device for hardcore PC gamers, not more, not less. 

Steam Deck will not compete with the Switch. None of them will 'be better'. They cannot be compared that way. Specs simply do not matter.

The whole purpose of this thread, and I thought this was obvious, was to compare specs. I'm completely aware of both of these being targeted towards difference audiences and I think Switch 2 will be successful regardless of how Steam Deck does, but I still thought it would be fun to compare Deck 1 specs with hypothetical Switch 2 specs.

It would help if the thread wasn't so misleading to begin with. What makes a system 'better' is determined mostly by the software available and designed particularly for it.  If this thread is only about comparing specs then you should make that clear from the outset.

In terms of pure specs, I see no reason why a 2023 released Switch 2 wouldn't at least match the Steam Deck in CPU and GPU power and RAM speed. Huge fail by Nintendo if it doesn't. While the low end Steam Deck seems to be selling at a small loss at $400, in 2 years time Nintendo should be able to at least break even with similar specs at $350, maybe even they can break even at $300, if they want to match the Switch 1 launch price. If it comes in 2024 instead, they should be able to beat the specs of the Steam Deck at $300-350 I would imagine. 

I can't say that I expect Nintendo to go all out on the chipset, Switch 1 was pretty dated when it released afterall, using a Tegra X1 based chipset from 2015 in 2017, even though the Tegra X2 was already out and available to them at the time. I don't expect them to use some top of the line chipset from 2024, best case scenario is a Lovelace based chipset from 2022 if it releases in 2024, and if it's 2023 released it might use an Ampere based chipset instead of Lovelace. 

I agree with those saying that Switch 2 probably won't have a full 16 GB of RAM, more likely they go with 8 or 10 GB, 16 GB would be a bit overkill for getting 9th gen ports when all of those 9th gen games already have to run on the 10 GB of RAM Xbox Series S, so they can shave off some dollars there to spend elsewhere on the hardware budget, or just shave it off for a higher profit margin. Nintendo does need to have a proper SSD on Switch 2, eMMC like the base Steam Deck won't cut the mustard if they want 9th gen ports, as many 9th gen games are being designed with an NVMe SSD as a minimum I'm sure.

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In specs probably the Steam deck, Nintendo wants to make profit on both hardware and software. Also the Switch 2 should at least have 6 hours of battery life, so it can probably pull less watts than the Steam deck.

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