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(500) Days of Summer - One of those I'll still watch on occasion just to say "it's so good!"

The toned-down dialogue building up to the final lines, the off-screen narrator, the ( ) number structure, and that final song all come together perfectly. Still puts a smile on my face.

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The Dark Knight for sure


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So beautiful , My heart feels it to the core. All 5 Castaway and Life of PI, Lion King , Beauty and the beast, Mulon

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The Shawshank Redemption
12 Years a Slave

Oh, Fight Club. Of course.

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There Will Be Blood

It should be illigal how entertaining and well fitting for the rest of the movie this ending is. It is infinitely quotable.

Some others

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Crocodile Dundee. Really good use of music.

How could I forget.

An absolute classic.

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