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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What people dislike about Wii U hardware?

I always thought Wii U failure was mostly due to bad games and lack of new games, mainly third party games. In my opinion, Wii U library is very mediocre that's why I find it a very weak system

However Wii U games sells very well on Switch, so lack of software doesn't seems the problem here. So maybe the problem is the hardware?

Unlike the uneventful software library, I don't think Wii U hardware is that bad. I think it's actually alright. Not something that stands out, at least not enough to make it such a failure. So exactly what about Wii U hardware made it so unappealing? 

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The gamepad was the problem for me, very unconfortable in long gaming sessions.

Sorry for my bad english.

Marketing was the biggest problem. Do you think PlayStation would still rule the market if it was called the Pee U?

I like the Wii U. I actually hooked it up again for the first time in years. But the hardware is problematic. The processor is slower than the Xbox 360 and PS3. There's only 2 GB of RAM and about 1 GB of that is for the OS.

The GamePad is also required for certain titles or system settings that it shouldn't even be needed for. There's also no ethernet port and only a paltry amount of internal flash storage.

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I don't like using the Gamepad. I hate how slow the UI was. No quick resume or standby like other modern platforms. It just felt slow and clunky and unwieldy.

As for developers. Wii U used a modified CPU from 2000. A 12 year old CPU worse than the one found in a 2005 Xbox 360 in the year 2012. That's a problem. Wii U only had 1GB of ram for games in 2012. That's a problem. Wii U used Nintendo's API instead of something more standard. That's a problem. UI was slow and could not multitask. Wii U used a GPU from 2008 in 2012.

Switch uses a much modern modern hardware. One that devs are familiar with. 4 times the ram and I think faster than Wii U's. (not 100% sure on that) More powerful than Wii U. Used Nvidias API in NVN which supports OpenGL and Vulkan. No question Wii U had shit marketing and name where Switch was the opposite but hardware played a big part as well. Not saying Switch online is the best but still better than Wii Us.

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Marketing was weak, loading times were atrocious and games were not as genre-defining as BotW, Odyssey, New Horizons. There was a lack of… excitement.

Honestly, the same reason I started disliking my PS4, it took too long to do stuff.


All down to naming and marketing. I mean, not all, of course... it still wouldn't have sold well if it had a better name and better marketing, but probably twice as many as it sold, at least.

People weren't bothered by how good or bad the UI was, or the loading times, or the Gamepad, or even the games. The console was unappealing from the get-go due to awful marketing and naming, thus making it not sell enough for anyone to judge it on those terms. Someone who doesn't buy a console because of its negative aspects is someone who knows something about the product, and if they know about it it's because they have some experience with it. But people didn't have any experience with the Wii U, because no one had one, because it was marketed like shit.

Honestly, if you look at what the console does wrong, I'd argue the Switch has as many issues, if not more. But it has an appealing concept, a snappy name, and great marketing. Then it had a groundbreaking game as a launch title. But if the marketing was wrong, everyone would've ridiculed it for having no games - take away BotW and there was basically nothing at launch. But because of the hype they generated with good marketing and a good game, it got momentum, and then people continued to like it for its positives, rather than its many negatives. Of course, it being a hybrid console helps naturally, as it's just a good concept.

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Acevil said:

Honestly, the same reason I started disliking my PS4, it took too long to do stuff.

From my time with the PS4, I agree the slowness was painful. Even moreso than the Wii U in my experience. I hated the thing.

But the PS4 outsold the Wii U almost ten-to-one, so I wouldn't say this is the reason for most people.

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What's wrong with your PS4's? Mine is snappy and fast and 6 years old. Did you fill up the internal HDD? I used a 2TB external to install games.

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