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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why doesn't the Switch have the usual streaming apps?

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Mandalore76 said:
Darwinianevolution said:

But that would mean Nintendo said no to those apps to the Switch, which would be weird, since that could bring bad press to the console ("Nintendo forbids companies from bringing services to the console" kind of bad press). Why would Nintendo say no to other companies developing sevices like those? Seems like nothing that Nintendo should bother about.

I don't know that they have said "no" to it.  I just don't think they've actively pursued it.  Hulu and YouTube are both available on Switch.  I have a Hulu account, but I almost never use it on Switch since there is a Hulu button right on my TV remote.  Accessing the app through an additional external is redundant and unnecessary.  Same goes for Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.  With the proliferation of Smart TV's, there's less need for consoles to be used for these features.  You shouldn't need your video game console to be running all the time if your aren't playing games on it.

That's a fair point, but again, the Switch wouldn't lose anything for having more features, even if they are redundant. In that sense I would have to agree with @The_Yoda, since preventing a possible doorway to piracy may be worth sacrificing some features. But then again, nowadays a console is going to get hacked no matter what, so I'm not sure if the rewards would compensate the losses.

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Because it is a video game system, not a media box.

How many laptops, desktops, smart tvs, phones, tablets, and video game systems do you need in one house that all play the same apps? It simply isn't a useful use of their time/effort/money to accommodate these things on the Switch. Nobody is buying less Switch games or not buying a Switch because it doesn't have the same apps they already can conveniently use on probably multiple things they own.

Although I doubt it figures in there is the fact that: If you are using other devices to stream you are avoiding wear on your system's battery and other components. This means less replacement units sold but would also add a certain value to the perception of the devices longevity. I know how much Nintendo values customer perception (i.e. software rarely going on sale to be perceived as always being worth more) and again although I doubt what I postulated is the case, it is possible this idea was floated and gained some traction.

I’m really glad it doesn’t have any of these services. It’s the simplest game system I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, and as far as I’m concerned, the less clutter, the better. I love the direction Nintendo are going in.

Absolutely because Nintendo wants you to only think about video games when you hold your Switch.

Youtube is most likely only allowed on there because its used for Nintendo's own video sharing functions.

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What do you mean? The most popular streaming app of all time, Youtube, is on the Switch!

The Funimation app was recently added so while the process is very slow it'll probably get those eventually.

RolStoppable said:

Probably because Nintendo realized that the idea to make people use their console more regularly by means of non-gaming apps eventually turns the console into a non-gaming machine, because it's hardly used for games anymore.

The more sensible approach is to release appealing games on a regular basis.

That doesn't make sense since the PS4 despite having various non-gaming apps has sold the most gaming software out of all consoles having recently overtaken the PS2 and should have a decent lead over it by 2023. Everyone with a Switch will have another device that has stuff like Netflix on it so it's less that people will spend less time playing games on their Switch and more they'll increase their total time using it by not having to go to another device when they want to use services like that.

So much fallacy on this thread lol 

The reason is simple OP: Nintendo just don't see them as worth it. We are talking about a device that don't even let you customize its interface, menus and store (and at least the store definitely needs some polish)

Nintendo look to all those apps, saw how small is Switch storage and battery and asked: Why bother using time and resources to run apps that you can use everywhere else? 

But I personally sorta disagree with this approach. I would rather use Netflix on my Switch (that I can use as a Tablet) than on my smartphone, plus the convenience of having all in a single device is just too practical to not enjoy it. More options are never a bad thing and I can't understand customers not liking it

What for?

Most TVs these days come with those included, and on the go, it's certainly not really much better than just watching on your phone considering how big those have gotten in the meanwhile.

Seriously, there was an argument to be made 5 years ago, but now, I don't see that point anymore.

That said, I can see Icaros point above of having all their favorite apps and games on one single device, but that's about it.

Rumour has it Netflix asks too much money to Nintendo for the licence (nothing unaffordable obviously) and I guess Nintendo doesn't want to pay anymore

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