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The Funimation app was recently added so while the process is very slow it'll probably get those eventually.

RolStoppable said:

Probably because Nintendo realized that the idea to make people use their console more regularly by means of non-gaming apps eventually turns the console into a non-gaming machine, because it's hardly used for games anymore.

The more sensible approach is to release appealing games on a regular basis.

That doesn't make sense since the PS4 despite having various non-gaming apps has sold the most gaming software out of all consoles having recently overtaken the PS2 and should have a decent lead over it by 2023. Everyone with a Switch will have another device that has stuff like Netflix on it so it's less that people will spend less time playing games on their Switch and more they'll increase their total time using it by not having to go to another device when they want to use services like that.