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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Will Hellblade 2 be crossgen?


What do you think?

Yes, it will be 22 45.83%
No, it won't be 26 54.17%

With multiple high profile PS5 games being revealed as crossgen, and MS already committing to its own crossgen strategy with games such as Halo Infinite, do you think Hellblade 2 will follow suit and release on Xbox One, or will it be a proper 9th gen exclusive?

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It won't be as it will be on gamepass. Pc and xbox series players will make up for it

I doubt it. In fact, most of MS's 1st party games (Avowed, Forza Motorsport, Fable, Everwild, Hellblade II, Perfect Dark, and SoD3) all have no Xbox One version announced. Maybe that changes in the future but as far as right now, Halo Infinite is the only title that is cross gen from MS.

MS was the honest one back then.
They basically said something akin to "first few years, things will be crossgen".

While Playstation was saying "we believe in generations!"
(while alot of games, thought exclusive game out as crossgen)

If Hellblade 2 comes out soon, its likely crossgen too.

I doubt it. For the sole reason that I think that game is still very far off. Wpuld be crazzy to release a game from 2023 foward crosgen.

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If it doesn't show up at E3 this year its going to be at least a couple years away from release. It wouldn't make much sense for them to release a big title as crossgen, especially when after what they shown on first reveal - granted it was a visual representation of the game and not running on the actual console. Gonna go with nope, full on for Series X/S.

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Seems doubtful, I wouldn't expect it. I think Forza will be the last crossgen game.

Kyuu said:

Microsoft seemingly stealth-cancelling the Xbox One version of Flight Simulator (or outsourcing it/making two separate versions), and not mentioning anything about an Xbox One version for Hell Blade 2 makes me think it won't be CrossGen. But it isn't coming out anytime soon.

Except they never announced it for Xbox One. People and the Internet made up this, they just said it would come later on Xbox console and always talked about Xbox Series, never mentioned Xbox One generation.
If both games come to Xbox One, it is good for the Xbox One owners anyway but I highly doubt it. Like someone already said, the game will be out on PC day one + Series X and S. 

I doubt it. The only cross-gen games I see Xbox announcing is FH5 and Starfield since both games likely started development as 8th gen titles. Everything else will probably be next-gen only.

It partially depends on when it's releasing, of which I have no clue. It's possible that it will be crossgen.