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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your positive gaming hot takes?

Gaming hot takes can be fun. Outlandish, wacky opinions that go against the grain and usually exist to get a reaction. But most of the time, these hot takes are negative or in some way extra critical variations on 'I don't like the popular thing'. 

I wanna hear people's hot takes that take on a positive twist. Say, a game you feel is very good, or a mechanic that is actually good or not as bad as people think. Some gaming opinion that you think is good that maybe most people disagree with. 

My positive gaming hot take is that New Super Mario Bros U (and by extension Luigi U and Deluxe) are absolute masterpieces and deserve a place on the highest pantheon of Mario platformers alongside Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, and Yoshi's Island. A lot of people claim the game lacks originality and that it's just a rehash of the previous games in the NSMB series - and to an extent that's true - but I also feel it has by far the best and most well-defined level design, I absolutely love the somewhat nonlinear world map, and I think the secrets in the game are some of the best in the series. when comparing dollars to dollars, I genuinely feel this game is as good, mechanically and from a design point, as Super Mario World. IT lacks the nostalgia of that title and I will always hold SMW in higher regard for that reason, but if both of these games came out at the same time I'd have a hard time discerning between them. 

Another gaming hot take I have is that I don't think game prices going up to 70 bucks (90 here in Canada) is a bad thing. In fact, I'd rather pay more for Ratchet & Clank or Demon's Souls or Returnal than have microtransactions pushed into those games. Yeah, I genuinely dislike most microtransactions (not content packs, but like EXP boosters or skins or whatever), but I think gaming media is too harsh on game prices going up. Every argument I've ever heard countering the rise in prices is circumstantial and only applies to certain games. Like, all the arguments about Microtransactions and season passes and all that stuff don't apply to all or even most games. do I think Fifa 2023 should be 70 bucks considering the vast amount of microtransactions? No. No I do not. Will I pay 70 bucks for the new God of War? Yes, yes I will, and I'll likely buy it both physically and digitally because it almost certainly won't have extra monetization. 

So what are your positive gaming hot takes? Those are just two of mine. I have many, many more. 

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So... whats a "Hot take". Sounds like "Unpopuar positive opinions"?? Sorry, english is not my first language.
I assume thats it, so I can think of a few of my own.

I absolute loved Clayfighter 63 1/3. Sales-wise it basically killed the franchise, which is a shame, cause the game was great. I thought it was funny, enganging and the wacky characters felt fresh compared to what every single fighting game was doing. Plus it had Earthworm Jim, like what was there not to love.

I liked Dead Space 3 a lot. I dont really think it having a bigger focus on action was a bad idea. Story aside, the game was really entertaining, and it still had really creepy scary atmosphere and moments, specially in the begning. After DS 1 and 2, focusing a bit more in action was the logical direction to take, the real issue with that game was the story. Revealing the Brethren Moons and their entire context basically killed all the mystery surrounding the Xenomorphs and markers and it wasnt really a smart or good twist. But the game was good. Sure, not as good as 1 and 2, but still a worthy follow up. All in all a great trilogy.

FF13 and FF15 are way better than people care to admit - At times, myself included tbh. I dont really think they are good Final Fantasy games maybe, thats debatable, but they are good RPGs, and had they not been linked to the franchise im sure their general reception would've been MUCH more positive. The amount of hate these games receive is crazy considering that the real worst FF is FF2.

Ill maybe add a couple later.

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FF13's combat system is one of the most fun and best battle systems in any Final Fantasy.

Gamepass is the greatest thing gaming has seen in the past two decades.">"><img src="

Spade said:

Gamepass is the greatest thing gaming has seen in the past two decades.

I jizzed in facts!

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-Animal Crossing is at least in the top 5 of Nintendo IPs, if not the top 3. That's becoming less unpopular of an opinion, but that would've been pretty unpopular five to ten years ago.
-I miss certain content in Smash like trophies, custom moves, event matches, master and crazy orders, and Smash Run. Give me that over a ton of third-party DLC characters I have no interest in. I want Smash 6 to cut at least 20 or so characters (but add about 21-22 new characters).
-Trophies on PlayStation and achievement systems in general are really fun and I'm glad they exist in gaming. I don't game for trophies, but I think they add to the experience.
-I like PS Now a lot. There are some fun PS3 games to stream and PS4 games to download or stream. I think it's worth the price.

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I also really like NSMBUDX, but not that much, SMB 3 is still my favorite 2D Mario game.

A Link Between Worlds is by far the best 2D Zelda game and also better than OoT and MM.

The weapon durability in BotW makes the game better than it would have been.

All water dungeons in 3D Zelda games are great.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is absolutly perfect.
It does everything right and I could never find anything wrong that I could criticise.
I played it three times.

The Triforce gathering quest in Wind Waker is alot of fun because I just always liked to just sail around and explore every single island. I never thought it was tedious or anything like that.

Skyward Sword's combat is fantastic and the motion controls are phenominal in that game.

Bowser's Fury is on the quality level of SMG and Odyssey, that means it's a masterpiece.
Not sure if this is a hot take though.

Doom is the best shooter franchise by far.

Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are fantastic and underrated.

That's all I can think of right now.

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I actually really like the concept of paid DLCs

I prefer to pay less for a game and then keep paying for it only if I actually like it

One example of DLC done really well is Hollow Knight, the additional content integrates perfectly in the main game. Hope devs to learn how to make DLCs feels more organic and less side quests/stories

PSVR is the best thing to come to consoles since analog sticks. PSVR 2.0 is set to be incredible, no doubt adding on to the massive library of innovative games that already exist for PSVR.

I'll echo Kakadu's take on Skyward Sword having one of the best combat system in the Zelda series and it's mostly due to the motion controls.

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