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Which generation is Switch ?

WiiU and Switch are both gen. 8th 33 33.00%
WiiU is gen. 8th and Switch is gen. 9th 56 56.00%
None of them !! 11 11.00%
numberwang said:

Did we consider the Switch to be 8th or 9th gen in March 2017 when it launched? Does anyone have a link back to that classification?

The discussion already was happening in 2017, but not so hotly.

This is 2018, but in the premise LiquidLaser considers Switch a 9th gen console:

2017 was a thread about a comparison to X1, and some posters considered Switch 9th gen:

I go a step further: as long as the Switch was the NX, nobody doubted it's status as a new gen. Only after it became clear that Switch sold well, the discussion started as people wanted it to put in the same bin as WiiU.

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Originally I used to pair them as 8th Gen, but Switch done enough to be in the 9th Gen, Just consider it an early lunch, and for the graphic argument cos some will it should have an upgraded graphic version so yep it should be 9th Gen

I remember back in PS3/360/Wii days some folks trying to argue that the Wii wasn't a 7th gen platform.

In my experience, the bulk of this sort of thing comes down to trying to disqualify the opposition to one's favoured brand.

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Ka-pi96 said:
mZuzek said:

If you have a child, and your sibling has a child 5 years later, do the children belong to the same generation or is your kid in the same generation as your sibling? ...Shitty analogy, sorry, but I mean. A console that succeeds a prior console belongs to the following generation, that's just how it is.

What about if you have a child and then your parent has a child shortly after? Is your new brother the same generation as you for having the same parent, or the same generation as your child for being born around the same time? This one actually happened to me. I have an uncle a year or so younger than me

Also, @bold that's not how it is, sorry. You can argue about the Switch whichever way you want, but this particular argument is definitely false. The Atari 5200, despite being a successor to the 2600 was still part of the 2nd gen, not 3rd gen. Similarly the NES was 3rd gen (not 2nd gen) despite being a follow up to Nintendo's 1st gen Colour Game TV. Plus as a hypothetical, if Sega were to release a new console now it would be 9th gen. It being a follow up to the Dreamcast wouldn't make it 7th gen, it would still definitely be 9th gen.

That's due to the revisionist history of video game gens.  When the ColecoVision and Atari 5200 were released in 1982, they most definitely were not considered to be part of the Atari 2600 generation.  In print media of the day, the were both hailed as "Third Wave" or "Third Generation" video game systems.  It was years later that both systems were lumped into the "2nd Gen".  Take a look at this 1982 article from Electronic Games Magazine, whose title reads, "Third Wave Video Gaming Comes to Market" (referencing the ColecoVision and the 5200 as the start of the 3rd Generation):

Leynos said:
d21lewis said:

I guess I didn't know that was an option. Nintendo has their own category?

I have sung the praises for Nomad many times but it was not its own thing. It came out when SEGA Saturn was out. It was competing against SEGA's Game Gear at the same time since SEGA had an issue with too much hardware out at once. Nomad didn't have any unique games. Just Genesis carts and Genesis was already replaced.It was just another Genesis at the end of the day. Nomad didn't replace Game Gear. PSP was not a hybrid. Neither was Vita. Vita, you had to buy the PSTV. By that logic, Game Boy was a hybrid with Super Game Boy. PSTV is just a Vita without a screen and not all games work on it. Yeah PSP had AV out but an odd aspect ratio. Not to mention not all models supported it. It was never the selling factor.  PSP was never meant to succeed PS2. It succeeded PlayStation Pocket. It competed with DS. Switch replaced Nintendo's entire console and handheld divisions and merged them into one. The switch is not competing with anything else directly. Not in function or power. It's unique in itself. Xbox Series X and PS5 are OR devices. Switch is an AND device. People choose between Xbox or PS. Whichever of those two they buy the Switch is and for the typical consumer. Typically a forum bubble buys all 3. In general, that's not the case.

My main argument was this: You said the Switch was a first gen hybrid. I wanted to know what made the Switch a "first generation hybrid" when the Sega Nomad already did everything. Wouldn't it be the first gen hybrid? And then I threw out the fact that there's a version of the Switch that isn't a hybrid at all--just like there is a version of the Vita that isn't a portable at all.

You said it was a Nintendo first gen hybrid. I think that's pretty specific. Maybe even TOO specific...

I just feel that Nintendo releasing a new console every 4-5 years when Microsoft and Sony release successors every 7-8 years make it hard for the hardware to line up. And while it's truly impressive that we have the ability to play certain games on the go that rival "current" home console games (same as when the PSP and Vita arrived and were such powerhouses), it was kinda tough to see the Switch as a new gen. I felt that way about the Wii U, as well. It was definitely an 8th gen machine but it offered 7th gen experiences. 

But hey, I love em all. I just can't help but get baited by this discussion every time it arises. 

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1. Switch is a 1st generation of hybrid consoles
2. Nintendo doesn't give a damn about generations and neither should we

Kristof81 said:

1. Switch is a 1st generation of hybrid consoles
2. Nintendo doesn't give a damn about generations and neither should we avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Well I guess the poll has spoken. It is a 9th gen machine according to a global dominant subjective opinion.

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All that matters is that at the end of the day, it will outsell the PS4, and probably the PS5, so it doesn't really matter what generation you put it in.

kirby007 said:

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