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Post here pictures from the town where you live, or some tourist spots near you. It can be from Google, like I did.

Here are some pictures from my town. It's not the most interesting place in the world, but I really enjoy living here:

This place is located at the most popular square in my town. The church can be seem at the background.

This is the theatre. In the past it used to be part of a train station. Now it works as a museum and a municipal theatre. Lots of history in this place.

This is the most popular lake in my town. You can spend a day with your family there, but it's closed due to the pandemic.

Cordeiropolis viewed from above.

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Alex_The_Hedgehog said:


What a name.

I'm not always proud of my city but this place is beautiful beyond belief:

Inside it is a theatre.

Probably already looks amazing in these pictures but being there is a truly magical experience.

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I moved here recently, so I can't wait to explore it myself.

Utsunomiya station view.

Horror movie gyoza human statue. Utsunomiya is known as the city of gyoza.

Utsunomiya castle ruins park.

A daibutsu.

Much more to see, and in the surrounding areas.


This is Boccadasse, in the past a fishermen village outside of the town, now an exclusive neighbourhood

The "Lanterna", the main lighthouse, first built in XII century and rebuilt in XVI century:

St.Lawrence cathedral (built from XI to XIV century)

A part of Quarto dei Mille, my neighbourhood (my house is not visible, it's somewhere behind the squared buildings in the background, the children hospital):

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I live in what's perhaps best described as a village, rather than a town. It's at the start of what are called the Welsh valleys, in Wales, which for those who don't know is the little bit attached to England on the left hand side of a map of the UK.

Welsh people are very friendly, talkative but sometimes incomprehensible depending on how strong the individual's accent is, and they have a very cool flag. The women love shopping and fake tan; the men meanwhile are obsessed with rugby. I'm not Welsh myself (like about 21% of the Welsh population I'm actually English, though I think of myself as British primarily), but have lived here most of my life now. 

There aren't really any landmarks or pretty places to show like others in this thread, so I'll just show what I think of as our cute little Monopoly home, plus an aerial shot I found of the neighbourhood (which is a good chunk of the village in any case).

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Zuerich. It's small and people tend to take themselves too seriously, but i really appreciate living here." width="779" height="519">

I live near Ghent, which has quite a lot of beautiful spots (also a fair amount of ugly ones, but let's ignore those :p).

I don't actually live in the city itself though, so I'll put some of my own pictures of my village (which could be called either suburban or countryside, depending on how you define it) in a next post.

So I've included a few slots of sooner of the landmarks per things which represent Leicester. Leicester has two parts, the city and the county. I'm from the city so I've only got pictures of the city. Leicester is one of the only cities in the country where the minority groups outnumber the majority.

Leicester is celebrated for sure to it's diversity in faith and cultures, and this means lots of food from different parts of the world everyone gets to enjoy.

This is leicester cathedral and diocese where Richard the 3rd was reburied.

This is Watermede park where you have lots of little hidden streams and waterfalls and I used to go on little adventures with my friends way back when finding new hidden spots.