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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best numbered Crash Bandicoot game?


I think the best is...

Crash 1 2 6.45%
Crash 2 12 38.71%
Crash 3 10 32.26%
Crash 4 7 22.58%

Which of the now 4 numbered Crash game do you think is the best, and what makes your pick the best in your opinion?

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Haven't played Crash 4 yet, gonna pick it on Switch once I get burned out with all Kingdom Hearts stuff

So far I'm going with Crash 2. It's probably my favorite 3D platformer, it has a nice balance of accessibility, mechanics and challenge. Crash 1 is just unfairly hard and without as many gameplay options and Crash 3 make your life too easy sometimes

I love the PS1 games, but if I have to choose one, I'll pick Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. The gameplay is a big improvement.

When I was a kid, I used to play the trilogy at my friend's place, since I never had a PS1.

It's tough to say really. I haven't gotten around to the fourth installment yet, but plan to soon. Therefore, only the first three games qualify for my consideration for our purposes here at this time.

The original Crash Bandicoot left its mark on me by satisfying something visceral I'd been looking for and hadn't quite found in Super Mario 64: a straightforward, traditional platforming game that was in 3D. With the accompanying difficulty level. This satisfied me very much back in 1996-7. As the original trilogy went on, it got more gimmicky and the focus of the challenges on offer gradually shifted from the heavy platforming focus of the first entry to mainly avoiding or defeating enemies instead. It's tough to say which thing I've found more satisfying. I like my platforming games to focus on platforming challenges. However, it can't be denied that I enjoyed the more gimmicky elements especially in Crash Badicoot Warped a lot, such as time trials, aerial combat, bike challenges, and everything to do with Coco, and also just there being more secrets to discover. At the end of the day, I guess it all kinda evens out for me. I think I like each installment of the classic trilogy about equally well.

Yeah, that's a cop-out answer I know. But it's also my honest one.

They are kinda complicated to rank, honestly. 3 would be the best one if there wasn't so many terrible vehicle courses. 4 would also be the best one if they didn't ruined collectibles. So much hidden crates, repetition and bullshit. I think 2 is the best one but then the final boss is not... great... And then there's 1 but it's my least favorite one of the 4, It didn't age very well imo.

So yeah tl;dr 2 is the best although not perfect, 3 would be the best if it weren't for bad gimmick levels, 4 would be the best if it didn't had bad collectibles in general, 1 didn't age very well.

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I enjoyed 2 the most maybe because it was my first crash game

3 (even if a little easy) > 1 > 2 >>>>>> 4

I haven't played the new one yet, but otherwise, my ranking would be:

2 > 1 > 3

2 I think gets the balance of everything just right. 1 can be frustrating but I tend to enjoy the challenge of it. 3 is enjoyable enough but I don't care for the motorbike / swimming / flying levels.

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Crash 2, personally it's in my top 5 games of all time, if not up there as my favourite.

Hmm, pie.

Haven't played 4 yet. From the N'Sane Trilogy I think Warped is easily the most complete and solid game of the bunch. I've never been a fan of the first two games. I found them to be too repetitive and dull thematically and gameplay wise, unfair more times than I can count and with clunky controls/physics. Warped fixes all of this (well, the controls/physics could have some more work), and while it definetly lost some difficulty I believe the overall result is a far more enjoyable game than its predecessors.

BTW, kind of off-topic and surely an unpopular opinion, but my favourite game in the series is actually Wrath of Cortex.