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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite main series Final Fantasy game?


What's your favorite main series Final Fantasy game?

Final Fantasy I 13 1.59%
Final Fantasy IV 29 3.54%
Final Fantasy VI 140 17.07%
Final Fantasy VII 261 31.83%
Final Fantasy IX 110 13.41%
Final Fantasy X 99 12.07%
Final Fantasy XII 47 5.73%
Final Fantasy XIV 16 1.95%
Final Fantasy XV 27 3.29%
Other 78 9.51%

IX is the best because of its humor, cute characters, and its medieval and fantasy-filled settings.

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6, 12 and 7. In that order. FF6 is not just my favorite FF, but its one of my fav. games of all time. Like top3 material.
12 and 7 are godly as well.

Bonus: None in particular.

I replayed VI recently and it is still amazing. Excellent characters and story. Second half is open world which is awesome.

My favorite is VII, follow closely by VI. There's 4 Final Fantasy games in my Top 50 of all-time, X and IV being the other two.

For Final Fantasy XVI, my hope is that they go with something close to FFVII:Remake for the combat system and that they stay as far away from anything resembling XV.

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7 followed closely by 6. And then 9.

Bonus: For FFXVI.. A more streamlined and focused FF. Don't want a massive empty open world to explore and waste time in. Keep the overworld and semi-open world like previous FF. And have a more immediate path and story.

Gameplay wise.. I'm hoping an evolution of XV and FFVII Remake. And playing more like Kingdom Hearts. Keep it tight, make it gamey if need be. Bigger parties would be great too.

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Final Fantasy IV.

For me, the peak of the franchise is undoubtedly Final Fantasy VI...

Now THAT is a remake I would love to see...if it is faithful to the original in the same way Trials of Mana was (but with a higher budget).

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IX is the best, followed by VI, VII, VIII and X, which I consider more or less equal with each other. After those come XII and XV.

As far as XVI is concerned, I have no particular expectations, apart from hoping its going to be good.

Final Fantasy IX. Best FF on PS1 (I like FF7 a lot as well) and best OST in the series. Vivi is the best as well.

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Final fantasy VI, but i think IV, VI, VII, VIII and IX are all excelent. They were made by people who really understood how to mix fantasy narrative tropes with game mechanics, and i don't think anyone quite got it the same way since then.