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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite main series Final Fantasy game?


What's your favorite main series Final Fantasy game?

Final Fantasy I 13 1.59%
Final Fantasy IV 29 3.54%
Final Fantasy VI 140 17.07%
Final Fantasy VII 261 31.83%
Final Fantasy IX 110 13.41%
Final Fantasy X 99 12.07%
Final Fantasy XII 47 5.73%
Final Fantasy XIV 16 1.95%
Final Fantasy XV 27 3.29%
Other 78 9.51%
hinch said:
Bristow9091 said:

I shit you not, I read this on my phone just before coming onto my PC and seeing you've tagged me lol :P

See guys, even Japan says Final Fantasy X is the best!

Lol thought you'd be happy to see that.

I mean I mostly agree with that poll.. maybe not the 1st pick xD

Also.. who are the 27 people voting for XV.. wtf haha

Their top 4 are the same as my top 4, but yeah I'd probably rearrange the order.  I've seen way worse rankings before.

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Beated FF XV which I never had, the first time I've played I either stopped nearly the end (chapter 12 I think) and never come back because the PS4 I used was not mine. The second time I've just played reached chapter 14 and kinda stopped and forgot about the game existence lol, well I just went back and Finished, this is where I place it on the franchise:

I'm waiting for a non mobile upgraded version for II and III. I've Played FF IV thinking it was the II after beating the first Final Fantasy, yikes. This series titles were too confusing for a teenager who doesn't understand much about english. Take I and IV tiers with a grain of salty, I couldn't ready english when played both so I judge only by mechanics and graphics and I found hard to get into original FF with NES level of graphics and controls 

As you can see, PS2 would easily be the peak of the series but for some reason they decided to release X-2 smh. SNES was great too even if outdated V job mechanics still sweet to play to this day, would love to see if in a Octopath Travaler-like graphics. PS1 was strong but not as good as SNES and PS2, although VII is surely iconic and memorable (and one of the best worlds), but their graphics aged too badly, IX is the best on that regard

PS3-PS4 era is nice, but not on the same level as past entries. I think both XIII and XV surely get more heat than they deserve, they are good games for me, just not as good as the older ones. XV have many awesome ideas, setting and attention to details, but is very lacking in gameplay depth, the story is confusing and the DLC should be free as they tell you part of the stories, overall it was a too much ambitious project and badly executed. I value ambition as one of the most important things in gaming development, so I sugarcoat most of XV missteps anyway

XIII has great story, setting (serious, the setting is fantastic) and a very good cast. The graphics are good and I love how they never treat its players like morons who can't understand a storyline. But I never really mastered the battle system, maybe I should play it again I only mastered XII gameplay after playing Zodiac Age after all. And Lightning/Claire is so boring, make it harder to play with her. XII-2... well it's better than X-2 at least. And Lighting Returns was totally unnecessary I've just skipped it altogether.