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I finally got around to watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife last weekend, I really enjoyed it. I really dug Carrie Coon's performance as the mom (Callie). She was great in Gone Girl and she showed she can carry a movie as the lead here. Strangely enough, Gone Girl was the only other thing I saw her in before this movie, but her career should definitely take off after this. I also liked the quirky banter with Paul Rudd, who is also great, as usual. You can tell chunks of the plot was forced around them hooking up despite her clearly being out of his league and even being weirded out by him initially, but by the end of the movie, it all ties together perfectly, and it subtly implies they might still have a "thing".

As for the kids, they're very well-fleshed out and given plenty to do with their share of funny jokes to boot, but on the downside, it feels like their whole Ghostbusting was contrived and happened purely by chance or because the plot needed it to. There's also not a whole lot of Ghostbusting in the movie, which I guess makes sense seeing how the original Ghostbusters have long since moved on, but I would've liked to see more of what we came to see in the first place. It also doesn't do new fans who've never seen the original a whole lot of favors because it randomly throws in references to 1984 and just expects you to know them without really filling in the blanks. There's some small issues with pacing in the third act as well, but it was alleviated with a VERY satisfying ending that'll no doubt tick longtime fans' nostalgia.

4/5. Not quite up to par with the first one, but far better than GBII and the godawful 2016 reboot.

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Slapped ham

Cloud Atlas

This one certainly can't be faulted for its ambition, telling six connected stories taking place across hundreds of years. There are times when its reach exceeds its grasp, such as the tendency of its villains to be one-dimensional caricatures, but its heart shines through and its one of the first films in some time I found genuinely moving. Definitely worth checking out.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Apart from some movies I watch on Disney+ and HBOMax....

I mainly watch anime.

This is what I am watching currently/ongoing


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Inside Job: Fun new animated sitcom. Didn't make me bust a gut, but the premise certainly gives them lots of fun material to mine where jumping the shark will be impossible.

Nightmare Alley: Another great Del Toro joint. This time we get to see how a monster is made.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: A real crowd pleaser to be sure, though it doesn't quite rank among my top Spidey flicks (SM2 & Spider-Verse). Was great to be in the theater for a number of big reveals.

So awesome to see Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock on the big screen! I wonder if we'll see more of Netflix's Marvel stable in time.

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Just seen The Matrix Resurrections and I can't believe I'm going to say this but it somehow manages to be the worst entry of them all. While some fights were entertaining and scenes heartfelt it ultimately felt all a little unnecessary.


Pointless, soulless and a retread with a lot of scenes literally pasted into the movie throughout. The new cycle was expected though tbh the set and pieces felt cheap in comparison the old movies and felt a bit like watching a parody show. The plot a thin yet moved at a rushed pace where nothing really made sense or time to sink in what happened during the time between the two movies. Then that ending as well *barf*. I'm sorry Wachowski, this movie was a drag.

If there's a thing that Hollywood should not do is try resurrect old movies, with sequels or remakes so many years later. We had the terrible Bill and Ted Sequel and so forth its just a complete waste of time and money. 6/10 maybe even a 5. The original trilogy was fine on its own.

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Just a typical isekai anime, nothing special.

Halfway done with it.


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Hawkeye: The general trend of these MCU streaming shows has been one of gradual decline for me, but this was still fun. Hailee Steinfeld makes a great addition to the roster and her relationship with Florence Pugh's character was easily the highlight of the show for me. Hope to see plenty more of the pair in the future.

The King's Man: Cool action, weak storytelling. I'd put it in between the last two films.

The Witcher S2: I enjoyed this season about as much as the first, maybe a little less. The more straightforward, coherent story structure is welcome but I thought the action was a bit less exciting. My biggest criticism of the season is that the bond between Ciri and Geralt/the witchers doesn't really feel earned despite having 8 screen hours of opportunity to develop their relationship. People just say they care about each other without sufficiently showing how or why. This applies a bit to Yen and Geralt's relationship, too. Doesn't apply to a certain bard, though.

Finished "Remake our Life!"

Probably one of my most favorite anime I've watched this year and brings nostalgia of when I wanted to be a video game designer also made me glad I changed my career path lol.

Also finished "Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu"

Started on "The Faraway Paladin"


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Completed watching 2 series seasons -

The Witcher Season 2 - Decent season, a bit slow but the action was good and liked the chemistry and build up of Ciri's character with Gerald. Not quite as good as the first season imo though that last episode was darn epic! 7.8

Cobra Kai Season 4 - Brilliant, goofy but fun and wholesome to watch. There are some silly almost cartoonish acts in there though still highly enjoyable. The new introduced villain is great and really does throw a spanner in the works. Brilliant stuff, can't wait for next season. 9

Also the first episode of The Book of Boba Fett. Which was darn great. If you liked the Mandalorian, you'll love this. So far, its a similar production value with some great action and comedy. Temuera Morrison also absolutely gold in this. Awaiting new episode with high anticipation. 8