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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Music/Rhythm Games? ever won GOTY?!

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I started to like MUSIC/Rhythm game since I played Tetris Effect (another underrated GEM) which is technically not a music game but had an amazing soundtrack!

After that I started to look for some music games then I found the Amplitude (2016 Remake) on the PSN store and finished the beginners campaign lol!

And then came AVICII Invector which is quite addicting and I'm starting to like even more songs from HIM! R.I.P Tim we miss you!

But we've had a lot of music games like Guitar Hero, Just Dance and so on but has these kind of games ever won GAME OF THE YEAR?

if not is there anything a music game can do to win such a extraordinary award what is it that needs to be done?!

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I don't recall any music/rhythm games even winning the majority of GOTY's but Im sure there have been some winners on individual sites in the past.

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The first game that comes to mind is Elite Beat Agents on DS. 2006 was a stacked year, but I truly believe that relatively modest rhythm game should be in GOTY contention.

But to answer your question, I don't think it's possible for such a game to win the plurality of GOTY awards. Genres like RPG and action-adventure tend to dominate awards season. I think GOTY voters want adventure, and a story, and a meaty single-player campaign to dig their teeth into.

Rhythm or music games are often seen as shallow, that's why gaming media and hardcore gamers scoff at them. But it is undeniable, that rhythm games have something many modern games often seem to miss: pure joy playing them. If that alone is enough to earn them accolades is up to you.

I would add though, that recently these games started to add layers of depth, as visible for instance in Thumper or Crypt of the Necrodancer/Cadence of Hyrule.

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Not sure if i can recall any music games winning GOTY, i think Bit-Trip Runner was acclaimed but GOTY awards are mostly given to popular genres only.

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Beat Saber won VR game of the year, it deserved to be goty period

I'm still playing it regularly as a break or to warm up. Expert mode, faster song, warm in no time.

There might be some good ones out there but it's almost like asking me to watch a movie musical. By the end i just want to slam my brain against a brick wall and wish I never lived.

I think every website/blog is entitled to post it's own Game of the Year, and therefore all sorts of games can win depending on the individual.  However if you are thinking about the blog that keeps track of which game gets the most Game of the Year awards, it is usually a AAA, cinematic, M-Rated, action game.  Occasionally,  the game is not M-Rated to show that the gaming critics have a lot of breadth to their tastes.

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I wanna get a psvr becoz of beat saber,
It legit looks Litasf haha I think beat sabers gimmick was a winner haha

Some1 should come up with something revolutionary on the music game genre lol haha

Or maybe sports games / racing games winning goty for a change.