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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How is the availability of the normal Nintendo Switch in your country?

Yesterday my sister asked me for advice which console she should buy for her kids (10 and 8). I suggested that she should get a Nintendo Switch and that I would do some research for getting a good deal. To my surprise I realized that the console is sold out at every online store in my country (Switzerland). 

So I decided to go on Amazon Germany and to my astonishment no new regular Nintendo Switchs is available there either. 

I wonder how it looks like in the rest of the world. Could you tell me if the normal Nintendo Switch is available in your country? 

Are their any reports that Nintendo is having manufacture issues? 

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At least the grey one is listed as available when I checked on
All versions are in stock at The console is sold out every now and then, but you don't have too much problems getting a switch here in germany. Just order it and it should arrive in 7 to 14 days even if it is listed as not available I'd say.

It's really not too bad. Me trying to get a RTX 3080 for a somewhat reasonable price, that is a whole different story and I'm starting to wonder if I will even get such a card sometime this year...

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When I looked three hours ago had only used grey editions left. Good to know that there are no general stock issues in Germany.

Sold out in retail near me. All you can find is the switch lite.

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It's out stock here in the UK. It's usually out of stock most of the week. The only time since launch where it wasn't out of stock in less than three days was this past November/December. Now that we are in January it's back to the usual selling out in less than three days thing again.

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Here in Spain it can be found at any major store.

It's available in all big stores

it's good

Widely available, but it's expensive as hell. Lots of people sell it new in Facebook at much better prices.

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In the US. It's available online but at pretty high markups, and even then stock is low and seems to rarely be available for more than a few minutes when it does become live. As for in stores, I haven't seen a Nintendo Switch physically in any store I've been to since 2019. It's insanely shorted. I saw a couple Lite models in stock in October, and that's it.