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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How is the availability of the normal Nintendo Switch in your country?

Plenty available here in New South Wales.

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Out of stock here in Luxembourg. Which is amazing, considering the Wii was never out of stock over here. At least I always saw some Wii on the shelves when I went to the stores, but no Switch for a couple months now.

Yeah plenty in Australia at the moment,

Its very much available here in Saudi Arabia in big stores and AmazonSA and its selling at a healthy pace starting 2020.

Its usually a Playstation land here.

Zero_Revolution said:

As for in stores, I haven't seen a Nintendo Switch physically in any store I've been to since 2019. It's insanely shorted. I saw a couple Lite models in stock in October, and that's it.

Wow that is extreme. I was not aware that it is so difficult to find a Nintendo Switch in US stores. 

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Summerset said:
XD84 said:

Yesterday my sister asked me for advice which console she should buy for her kids (10 and 8). I suggested that she should get a Nintendo Switch and that I would do some research for getting a good deal. To my surprise I realized that the console is sold out at every online store in my country (Switzerland). 

So I decided to go on Amazon Germany and to my astonishment no new regular Nintendo Switchs is available there either. 

I wonder how it looks like in the rest of the world. Could you tell me if the normal Nintendo Switch is available in your country? 

Are their any reports that Nintendo is having manufacture issues? 

How about this one -->

A day ago I looked at and they did not have any on stock. Since yesterday it seems that several other Swiss online stores got new stocks of grey Nintendo Switch too.  

Here in Italy tons of NS Lite everywhere, in every colour, some search needed to find a grey NS, and NS blue and red and NS bundles sold out. Prices for full NS even non bundled still above 300 euros.

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Quick trip to Amazon. What color do you want? The bundles look to be in stock, most things that are out of stock are due to ship again in February. Looks like a usual January to me.

Most people would just buy the Animal Crossing bundle... Or preorder for delivery in February. Is there some weird ulterior motive to this thread I don't see?

Edit:  OK my German isn't great, but when ordering from Switzerland, Nintendo point you to the Austrian website:

  • Lieferung zwischen 19.01.21 und 28.01.21

Means delivery between 19th and 28th January.

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Here in Brazil, it's only around 3 months since the console officialy released so stock is still not an issue. When it gets out of stock usually 3 or 4 days later it gets back, so no big deal (BTW the Switch Lite will only release in a couple of months).

The one that is actually a hard one is the Pro Controller. People eat it up as soon as that one shows.

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OneTime said:

 Is there some weird ulterior motive to this thread I don't see?

My motive for this thread is pure curiosity. I was taken off guard that no Nintendo Switch in Switzerland were available online. So I wondered if this is an issue only in Switzerland or in other countries too.