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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How is the availability of the normal Nintendo Switch in your country?

Pretty much available here in the Philippines, particularly local video game retail stores such as Datablitz, Gamextreme, etc. It's technically Playstation Nation here, with Nintendo a distant second. Even PS5 is in short stock and scalpers are pretty much to go to right now if you really need it badly. Sometimes the stock for the regular switch dried out I think during the holidays, but the Lite's available all year round.

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Swiss here

Fnac has the colours joycon Switch if that's the one you're sister is looking for:

There are also some stores that have the Animal Crossing or the Ring Fit bundles.

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Here in the US, I see Lite all over the place online. Regular Switch is less common, but is available at regular retail price on Amazon right now. I see Switch Lite almost always available in stores the last couple of months. The regular Switch is hit or miss.