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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New Trailer for Bowser's Fury Released

Absolutely not, it's just one map.

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I think that looked cool :P and the metal music is not something I expected to hear in a Mario trailer :P

Anyway, I never had a Wii U so both the original game and this expansion would be brand new experiences for me.

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Looking at the trailer, they probably could have gone the extra mile and made Bowser’s Fury into its own game instead of just added content.

I'm with Vodacixi, it doesn't look too exciting but it must be cool nonetheless. I love 3D World but I'd rather buy Bravely Default II, which doesn't look too great either lol But it's an RPG and at least the gameplay must be good.

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I thought Bowser's fury came to past after taking over Nintendo.

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Super Saiyan Mario is the thing I didn't know I needed.

I wish I could buy Bowser's Fury on its own.

It looks really good and exactly like what I wished 3D World was like, but I'm not rebuying a Wii U port I already own.

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Looks very good. I like how there is now online play. But the amount of content they are adding, likely isn't worth buying a 2nd time.


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agh such a great way to introduce an already amazing game to a new audience

if that's how you want it then so be it Nintendo, the add-on is epic I just hope it's big enough

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javi741 said:

It looks amazing. The additional content looks so good that it almost makes me wish that Nintendo made it into its own separate game since it looks like a brand new open world mario game. I was going to double dip on this game even with 0 additional content but now I'm even more excited!

Perhaps its a sign of things to come?. Or at least bigger levels and hub world going back to the full on feeling of how it felt exploring the castle and levels in Mario 64 for the first time again, since the levels and hub world could be huge.

Anyway id love a new game in the style of Mario 64 with a massive mushroom kingdom to explore as the hub world and huge levels within that hub world.

Be kinda cool as a trow back to Mario 64 if they even designed the castle part of the hub world with the same design and layout as the Mario 64 one.