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Forums - Sales Discussion - Extra Easy Prediction: Animal Crossing: New Horizons will sell more physical units in Japan than the PS5

Its already at what 6 million from Famistu, I think that is a good bet, assuming worse performance than the 4 based off multi generation decline and a lower launch, and continued lower numbers in the weeks following.

Edit: Sorry Animal Crossing is almost at 6.5 million according to Famistu, which is significant representing approximately 6% of what the PS4 sold total

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Isn't AC's digital sales at like 2m? Its retail is 6.5m so likely will reach an amount that's above what PS5 LT will be by the end of this year.

This reminds me of an old thread that was made where someone said that the PS3 finally re-claimed 3rd place after outselling Wii Fit.

Also, Animal Crossing is crazy that it already outsold entire consoles in Japan. This is just an extension.

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Will PS5 beat PSVR?

Curent Famitsu numbers:
Animal Crossing: 6.472.485
PS4: 9.296.048

It is likely PS5 will fall behind PS4 in Japan and AC is still in the Famitsu TOP 10 (current week at #2 after Momotaro, which turns out to be another evergreen title). So it seems likely AC will beat PS4 over time and therefore also PS5.

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I won't be surprised if PS5 never surpass current AC sales numbers let alone total sales

Animal Crossing is the king of gaming

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This makes a lot of sense. It'll be interesting to see it happen.

This prediction is so safe that Animal Crossing may have already been too high for the PS5 on the date that this thread was created. I.e. PS5 may never reach the 6.5m in Japan that Animal Crossing already has.

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I think this would also be an easy prediction even if you just said that total Animal Crossing retail sales by end of 2021 will be higher than PS5 lifetime.

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