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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo to Acquire Next Level Games

curl-6 said:

This is kinda like marrying your girlfriend of 15 years.

Not a bad move though, Luigi's Mansion 3 was pretty damn good, and it always helps to have more first party studios.

The hope for me is that Next Level Games will have a decent boost in productivity. I know Nintendo lists that as a boon for acquiring Next Level Games, but of course we don't know to what extent they could possibly expect NLG to increase their production capabilities. Would be nice if NLG went on a hiring spree now, I think. Their core team is apparently pretty small (with the big amount of developers on their titles probably being outsourcing some asset creation). 

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DonFerrari said:

Very good move, secure a strong partner, doesn't take anything away from multiplatform and can also have more financing to get them to make even better games.

Indeed. Though you wouldn't think their budgets were short before this looking at LM3. Maybe they will receive more funds to expand the team or create a new team to make more games or games quicker. I hope Nintendo let's them work with other ips that no longer have yes working on them. They are a talented enough studio that I would prefer they use their time on AAA experiences rather than low budget games going forward.

So they bought the cow even after getting all the milk for free, eh?

On a serious note, I wonder if this is a one-off, or if the new leadership is open to expanding capacity by more means than their predecessors. I might be forgetting something, but wouldn't this be the first developer Nintendo has purchased since Monolith?

I heard the co-owners were recently looking to sell their shares so it is understand that Nintendo wouldn't to lose a close partnership of talent to another bidder. And since NLG has been working with them almost exclusively for years, I doubt the studio is against a buyout in this case.

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B6a6es said:
Stuart23 said:

Many of the studios Nintendo is famous to work with are second parties, not entirely owned by Nintendo, like Hal, Intelligent Systems and Good Feel Inc.

Don’t forget the elephant in the room, Gamefreak 

Technically I think Nintendo would be closer to GameFreak than any of those other studios. While they don't own any stake in them directly, they do own a controlling share of The Pokémon Company. Meanwhile they also don't own IS or HAL, even if they do own their most popular IP. (Kirby and Fire Emblem)

But at that point it's all a technicality anyway so you're still right, just thought it might interest you to know if you didn't. 🤣

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dark_gh0st_b0y said:

remake or sequel please 🥺 


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