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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best of Nintendo's underperforming consoles


I think the best is...

N64 26 38.24%
Gamecube 27 39.71%
Wii U 15 22.06%

N64, easily. Lots of genre-defining titles and awesome local multiplayer focus with four controller ports.

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I voted GameCube. It was actually a great console and, while I bought way more PS2 games, the 'Cube was actually my favorite console of the generation. N64 and Wii U weren't even close. In fact, I kinda hate the N64.

I'd also like to say "Rest in peace" to the best porn viewing device I've ever owned--The Wii U. My console is just fine but I tried to use it a few days ago to watch porn. It was the first time in ages. The browser is pretty much useless, now. It was great while it lasted, though. Thank you, Nintendo.

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Game Cube or N64... damn, hard to choose, both have some nice games. i will pick Game cube, but is just barely above n64.

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N64 have good but few games, the one I used to play was rented, so the lack of games never bothered me that much
Never owned GC, never met anybody who owned a GC. I've played some of its games in emulation, overall looks like a fine system just a bit filler
Wii U was trash

I voted for the GC cause it plays some PS2 games
And PS2 is the best system ever released, so GC wins

N64 of course, it had a superior library to both the GC and WiiU and the high points were higher in the N64.

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Mar1217 said:

GameCube even if the N64 got genre defining titles, I think the modern legacy of the GameCube is more fondly regarded and has obviously games that haven't aged as much as the early 3D era.

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GameCube has a huge advantage in that it's basically the only Nintendo console to have almost EVERY major Nintendo franchise created at the time on it since the SNES/NES, right? The exception I guess being Yoshi and a """real""" Kirby game? It didn't have Donkey Kong Country either but I think that was more to do with Nintendo just wanting to innovate Donkey Kong since the Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is *kind of* like a spiritual successor to that series in the same way as Donkey Kong 64. 

Expanding on my answer earlier in this thread, going to be honest, there's a good chance Wii U and Gamecube would both have libraries that appeal to me more than the N64's, which is kinda sad because the N64 definitely had more impactful and innovative titles than something like the Wii U and arguably titles with much greater quality too. I love Majora's Mask, love Banjo Kazooie (kind of have the fault of associating it in part with the 360 though), really like Ocarina of Time, and I'll probably really like Super Mario 64, too. But the camera from what I've played of Super Mario 64 seems quite annoying and on top of that so much of the N64's library is multiplayer games that are extremely iterative  to the point where I don't feel the need to revisit them having played later entries. 

Gamecube without question, its really shame that Nintendo mismanaged the whole thing (poor marketing with the controller, Management change in 2003 with Iwata having less faith on the GC which led to the radical change with the Wii)

GameCube for sure. So many gems like Metroid Prime.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


The Wii U had far more features than the GameCube, so that was welcome.
But give me

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Mario games
Animal Crossing

over the Wii U's library any day.

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It's very tough. I think the N64 was better than the PS1 and aged better.

N64 had:
- Mario 64
- Ocarina
- Majora's Mask
- Goldeneye
- Banjo
- First Smash bros

Overall the best 3D games of that era imo, and some awesome party games to go with 4 player mayham.

That said the Gamecube games have just lasted way better. Going back to Sunshine and Windwaker in recent years was a pleasure. The glitches and camera frustrations were no longer big issues like they were on the N64. Plus, here's the GC list:

- Smash Bros Mele (hailed as best in series till today)
- Mario Sunshine
- Windwaker
- Twilight Princess
- RE 4
- Pikmin 1 and 2
- Metroid Prime 1 and 2
- Luigi's Mansion

And a lot more. The gamecube was quirky, different and stands out till today with some crazy ideas. I would say it is the console that has influenced the Switch a lot.

The Wii U for me is my least favourite. It had some good games but it's easily the least memorable. Only MK8 felt like a solid new entry for a series on the console. Mario 3D World was just a subpar entry imo, no Zelda game till they launched the next console, no metroid, and no animal crossing.. I just think the console was completely let down by Nintendo who did not release enough games.

Between the gamecube and N64, I love both so much but GC just has the edge as it just had some great ideas. N64 made 3D gaming fun, but the Gamecube gave mario a water pump and pissed off fans with a cell shaded Zelda game. Nintendo just didn't give a fuck and I love the console for that.