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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best of Nintendo's underperforming consoles


I think the best is...

N64 26 38.24%
Gamecube 27 39.71%
Wii U 15 22.06%

I’m going to say the N64, it’s the one out of the three that pushed the industry forward. While it did have the cartridge issue which made for pricier and more heavily compressed games, it still brought a lot of good to the table like normalizing analog, and Nintendo devs really showed the world how 3D should be done - and everyone kind of branched off of that.

GameCube was a PS2 clone box without the benefit of the PS2 library. Completely worthless IMO.

Wii U felt like a stopgap console, like they were working on some ideas, but more or less released what they had thinking it was a half baked good idea when in fact it was a half baked bad idea with no future; its greatest contribution was a few extra games in the catalogue to bump up the Switch library a bit - but the Wii U is a great case study on the hardware and software relationship: on Wii U, Mario Kart 8 was a mediocre iteration, on Switch - with its hybrid functionality and Mario Kart 8 being able to be brought into the office lunch space - it became one of the greatest killer apps in video game history. I think Animal Crossing also benefitted heavily from the hybrid nature of the Switch - the game works a lot better on handheld than home console, but the handheld version lost some one of my favourite features with the game - sharing a town. With the Switch, Animal Crossing gets the best of both worlds, and therefore the best platform for Animal Crossing to date.

So, in the end, I think all three consoles showed Nintendo what NOT to do. It led them to better things like the Wii and the Switch.

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I'm gonna say the WiiU simply because the fact that it had better features than the Switch in terms of the way we managed game files and save files and even the dual screen feature. Not sure why the hell Nintendo felt the need to go backwards with the Switch in this area.

The N64 and GCN already had great games and they were declining like the SNES did with the NES and I felt like I got to experience the full potential so I do not think they underperformed. It was just a time where Nintendo was seen as kiddie and PlayStation the cool kid on the block everyone wanted. So no matter what games it had, I do not think it would have beat Sony anyway.



AngryLittleAlchemist said:
burninmylight said:

Which one has the superior versions of both games available to download right now? ;)

The Wii U doesn't have Resident Evil Remake available for download, though (And I don't know if the Archives version on Wii was a digital download either, even if that was the case you couldn't download it now ). 

I do love me some 3D World and Mario Kart 8, though! 

My bad - my brain told me Resident Evil 4 instead of REmake

Can't decide since I love all three. I still voted Wii U, though. The Gamepad is still my favorite controller of all time, also there are a lot of fantastic games.

GameCube had the best catalog of time-lasting exclusives ever for me. These games are still great to play today.

Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, Smash melee, Paper Mario TTYD, Clone Wars, 007 with the freaking Photon Canon and 0 gravity lol, Starfox Adventures, Sonic Adventures 2, Metroid Prime 1/2, Zelda Wind waker and Twilight Princess and Four Swords Adventure, Rogue Squadron 2, F-Zero, Eternal Darkness, RE 4, Pikmin 1/2, Beyond Good and Evil, Soul Calibur 2, Prince of Persia, Super Mario Strikers, Super Monkey Ball, Doubledash.

I doubt there will ever be a console again that has so many epic games.

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Out of Gamecube and Wii U I actually found the latter to be better.

GC had a few gems but in my opinion it had Nintendo's weakest first party lineup, there just aren't that many interesting games on it to me. Wii U, for all it's problems, at least had a fair few excellent games like BOTW, MK8, Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, Splatoon, etc.