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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware Nov 29 to Dec 5 - Switch Dominates Cyber Monday Week

Forget PS5 vs Xbox Series. PS4 vs Xbox Series is more entertaining all thanks to Europe (Sony land).

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It's looking like weekly sales for the PS4 and Xbox One will end up being bigger this year during March-May than October-December which makes sense considering the circumstances but still is funny due to how unusual it is. After the covid boost some expected both systems to not be down that much YoY but the PS4 will be down around 40% and the Xbox One around 45% so all that happened really is a lot of PS4 and Xbox One sales got moved from the second half of the year to the first thanks to covid resulting in a normal drop due to successors launching but really weird distribution of said drop. Also the Xbox Series X|S and PS4 battle going on is enjoyable to see.

Jranation said:
trunkswd said:

PS4 might top Xbox Series X|S next week (week ending Dec 12). From the little bit of data we have PS5 and Xbox Series X|S supply is a bit more limited. At this point, just about every console shipped gets sold in a matter of minutes or hours. 

I expected MS to stop producing the Xbox One and its other versions for more Series S/X.

That's mostly happened so far, the only version still being produced is the One S but that should get discontinued next year since interest in it will be very small by then. Weekly Xbox One sales should reach sub 10k levels not long after December.

The ps5 Xbox and switch banner looks amazing

All consoles combined account for 59% of Switch sales. Insane

Switch is red hot. I wonder how long it can keep going.

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In the week ending December 7 2013, PS3 sold 244K while PS4 sold 343K. So PS3 sold a lot better after the release of PS4 than PS4 after the release of PS5. Of course we have to wait a bit to see if this trend continues.

I wonder if Sony is starting to regret their strategy change to release next gen games on PS4. PS4 doesn't seem to profit of PS5 shortages. Is there no demand for PS4 or are many PS4 factories already producing PS5, which would mean that also PS4 is having shortages?

I feel you are greatly underestimating Switch's Asia sales this holiday season :)

The game has over 5400 reviews on the website with 99% of customers recommending it... for comparison on Ring Fit has fewer reviews. Suning is one of a few large retailers in the country, and sales of Ring Fit are coming from bundles as well. As the Ring Fit Bundle is actually the top selling Switch option on the website. 

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China is starting to really racking up for Nintendo

Chrkeller said:

Switch is red hot. I wonder how long it can keep going.

It will be red hot for most of 2021, though less units sold than this year. 2022 won't be very big in comparison, and then 2023 onward won't be much compared to earlier years.

It's all but guaranteed to surpass the Wii and PS1. Possibly Game Boy+Game Boy Color sales too. But PS2 or DS sales are too much of a reach, given the competition and markets in general. 

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Chrkeller said:

Switch is red hot. I wonder how long it can keep going.

Very long. Switch isn't close to the saturation point as a home console yet, but even when that time comes, it still has plenty of big sales left as secondary and tertiary Switch units in households become more widespread.

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