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Forums - Movies & TV - Ridley Scott's best film


I think the best is...

Alien 22 33.85%
Blade Runner 25 38.46%
Thelma & Louise 0 0%
Gladiator 16 24.62%
Hannibal 0 0%
Black Hawk Down 1 1.54%
The Martian 0 0%
Other 1 1.54%

Gladiator is one of my favourite films of all time, so that should answer your question :P

... Also I've never actually watched Blade Runner, there's too many different versions to know which one I should watch, lol.

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Gladiator for me too...

Only just beats out Blade Runner though.


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Scott is such a weird, unpredictable director. He's made some all time great movies and a bunch of mediocre ones.

I'd give this prize to Blade Runner, as long as we're taking the director's cut version. Amazing production design, special effects, and music, and lots of provocative commentary on artificial intelligence and what it means to be human.

My personal favorite is Gladiator, with Alien following close in second and The Martian in third. I would put Blade Runner but its been a long time since I watched and I don't fully remember the movie.

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Blade Runner closely followed by Alien for me. Gladiator probably takes 3rd but it's a distance behind those first 2.

Looks like I haven't watched a single movie of his. So let's say Gladiator.

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For me, it has to be Gladiator, I'm a sucker for epic drama and antiquity/ancient Europe settings as well. Close second shared by Alien and Blade Runner. I'm currently in the process of buying some classics and favorites on 4K Blu-ray, there are some great collector's boxes being released of late.

Even if Alien is one of my favorites movies of all times, Blade Runner is a masterpiece, so mi vote go to that.
My 3 favorites films from Ridley Scott:
-Blade Runner
-Black Rain (Underated movie)

American Gangster deserves a mention.

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