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Forums - Movies & TV - Ridley Scott's best film


I think the best is...

Alien 22 33.85%
Blade Runner 25 38.46%
Thelma & Louise 0 0%
Gladiator 16 24.62%
Hannibal 0 0%
Black Hawk Down 1 1.54%
The Martian 0 0%
Other 1 1.54%

What do you think is the best film Scott has directed, and why?

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Blade runner, the one I can re-watch any time and get totally immersed in every time.

Alien is great as well, my 2nd pick. My 3d pick would be 1492: Conquest of paradise.

Alien and this film

Easily Blade Runner.

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Alien. No question, because it’s, well, Alien.

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Alien. Its probably my No.1 movie of all time.

Alien is my pick. Great film. I'm a fan of Hannibal as well. Also just learnt he directed Matchstick Men, which is pretty good too.

1 - Alien
2 - Blade Runner
3 - Gladiator
4 - Every other movie
5 - Exodus

Best in terms of quality or one I like the best? Gladiator for one I like. Quality I'm not sure as Aliens grosses me out and Blade runner is super disturbing so I never really enjoyed them. Hard for me to consider the best movie as something I hated. Also for me, emotional reactions are a big factor, and few movies make me react like Gladiator does. That movie is poetic! Alien and Blade runner just make me feel sick to my stomach.

Alien pretty much redefined the genre and set a bar that was not surpassed even today. So yeah, it's easily one of the best movies ever made and the best movie Scott directed. Blade Runner is also an amazing movie, and I adore Thelma & Louise as well... hell I like pretty much everything from him. He is one of my all-time favorite directors, right there with Hitchcock, Kubrick and a very select few.

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