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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Last of Us Part II Wins Game of the Year!

Vindication! Congrats Neil and the entire Naughty Dog team!

Cant wait to see what they do next.  

Hoping they make Savage Starlight before they circle back and close out the trilogy.

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Congrats to Naughty Dog!

Wasnt my personal pick, but its a deserving winner.
But then again, if it was for me, Chrono Trigger would win every year.

I find it funny that two groups of people will say that it was "obvious it was going to win", but for two totally different reasons.

Also won the most awards in VGA history.

Should easily win the consensus game of the year from all other publications- marking the 4th game in a row that Neil has made to do so- incredible!

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Congrats to ND and Sony on an amazing night. They pulled it off yet again and deservedly so, just like I predicted in June when all the whining and sour threads started up.

Well Deserved, probably the Most Divisive Narrative since MGS2

Its a Shame that it got Leaked, otherwise it would’ve had a bigger impact.

Amazing, well deserved Goty.

GoTY 2022:

So happy it won all the awards it was nominated for since it deserved all of them.

Not my personal pick (that would be Final Fantasy VII Remake), but having recently played through it a second time, and despite having liked it a lot the first time, I enjoyed it even more the second time. So I can’t say I am disappointed in it winning GOTY. It truly is a masterclass in storytelling and gameplay, technical mastery, sound design, accessibility options, and gameplay refinements. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and many will find any reason to justify their dislike or hate of it, but I think the industry is better off with projects that dares what TLOUp2 dared, and I can’t wait to see what Naughty Dog delivers next.

Hopefully, something a little lighter on tone, because my heart needs a break for a while. xD