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Forums - General Discussion - How much weight did you lose/gained this year? 2020


Weight gained/lost

lost 1-5lbs 0 0%
lost 6-15lbs 4 25.00%
lost 16-29lbs 1 6.25%
lost 30 + lbs 3 18.75%
gained 1-5lbs 2 12.50%
gained 6-15lbs 0 0%
gained 16-29lbs 1 6.25%
gained 30+ lbs 2 12.50%
no lbs gained or lost this year 1 6.25%
IDK? 2 12.50%

Not as much as I'd like. At my heaviest this year I was probably a good 50 lbs over an ideal weight. I made good progress at one point but couldn't sustain it. Especially hard this year when the gym is my preferred form of fitness and weight loss and I haven't been able to go at all. I've probably lost 10 lbs since my heaviest and hopefully I can whittle off 10 more before things open up and I can responsibly get back into my routine some time next year.

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Probably way up. Haven't been outside since the Victoria lockdown in March/April lol



I lost like 7 pounds so far I think. Going to try to lose like 5 more before the end of the year.


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I lost 20 lbs and gained it back lol

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I lost I think 10 or 15. Not as much as I hoped to lose when I started 2020, but covid and some other health issues kind of put a damper on my plans. Going to try and reach my goal of 180 lbs in 2021, and then start building muscle until I hit like 195 lbs (I'm 6'3").

Now that the year is over, I gained 3kg, from 79kg to 82kg, between January 1st 2020 to January 1st 2021.

Not bad considering the pandemic and being bedridden for 2 months of the year and unable to jog for 7 months of it.

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I lost 9 kg, but thankfully gained 6 of them back again

So overall I lost only 3 kg, around 6 lbs I think

I am very happy, not with how much weight I lost, but rather with my new eating, exercising and emotional habits. I no longer have cravings for many fast foods I used to. And all of it is because I started eating a lot more vegetables, drinking 3L of water daily and doing 10-30 minutes of light exercise daily.  

Here are some of my weird creations. 

I started the year at 200lb (90kg) and I ended the year at 155lbs (70.5kg). Two years ago I was at 231 lbs (105kg). But like I said, that is the achievement I am least proud of. Being able to recognise emotional moments and talk them out instead of trying to eat them helped me a lot. 

I started the year at 220 and ended the year at 180. Pre Thanksgiving I was down too 172. If I had kept to my diet I would of made my goal of under 170 pounds but I basically completely abandoned my diet from Thanks giving forward. Monday January 4th I plan to start dieting again and pretty confident I end 2021 under 170 pounds.

For me it mostly about health as when am under 170 I can go camping for a entire week and have no issues not using my CPAP. At 180 I can go 2-3 days with no issues. When am over 190 if I fall asleep without using the CPAP there a fairly high chance I be waking up gasping for air.