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Forums - General Discussion - How much weight did you lose/gained this year? 2020


Weight gained/lost

lost 1-5lbs 0 0%
lost 6-15lbs 4 25.00%
lost 16-29lbs 1 6.25%
lost 30 + lbs 3 18.75%
gained 1-5lbs 2 12.50%
gained 6-15lbs 0 0%
gained 16-29lbs 1 6.25%
gained 30+ lbs 2 12.50%
no lbs gained or lost this year 1 6.25%
IDK? 2 12.50%

I lost 32lbs again I'm currently 132 pounds

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I lost 25kg this year and I'm currently in the process of getting it all back by way of ice cream and chicken wings.

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I barely weigh myself, so I don't know. But, as a piece of advice, try to take into account your height as well when losing weight, and keep a healthy balance.

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Not sure how much lbs are, but that sounds like a lot, so congrats!

I gained 9kg this year. It sucks. I blame my gummy bear addiction. Really need to lose it all (and then some) again, I hate being fat

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Do fluctuate based on season / interest.  I dont think I'm going to do a winter bulk this year. Just taking it easy. 

Right  now I'm the fattest I've been in 2 yrs. After a health snafu I was on liquids and soups around october so have been eating a lot of crap since then.

Jan - 94kg

Jul - 89kg

Oct - 97kg

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Lost 13kg (around 29lbs) overall, on my way to lose 10 more (22lbs) for the next year cause why not.

I've started to lose weight back in mid-2018 where I reached 125kg (275lbs) and then lost 22kg (48lbs), gain some (after a break up), and lost again 13kg, weighting currently 100kg (220lbs).

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I was nearly underweight when I was a kid, but in recent years I've gained a lot of weight. In 2018 or 2019 I weighed 69kg, this summer I was at 78kg.

This gives me a BMI of 22.3 now, which is probably a good weight to stay at.

Gained 3kg compared to my weight at the end of 2019, largely due to not being able to exercise as much as usual for most of the year following major surgery.

I'm 83kg right now which is at the upper end of my ideal weight range. I'm still not overweight, but I am trying to rein in my gain over time by cutting out red meat, exercising more now that my leg is mostly recovered, and eating smaller portions.

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I balloon up and down in weight with the seasons. In summer obviously am a lot more active and outside more often so I obviously lose a decent amount of weight, however I end up putting it all back on in the winter when I am inside because of shitty weather. Overall, I'd say I have probably had a net gain of 7 lbs (3 kg) this year thanks to the pandemic and poorer choices on my end.

I was down about 20lbs but gained 5lbs back recently. So 15lbs as of this post, hoping to get down another 30-35lbs in the next 6 months.