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Mummelmann said:
It looks amazing! Clean and crisp and you have more overview of the whole front page, categories nicely placed and sorted as well. I've yet to try it on mobile but I'll look tomorrow. Great work, you guys!

A lot of thought was put into mobile!!!! If you see something that doesn't look or work well, feel free to let us know...

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Leynos said:
Looks nicer but now it loads so slowly.

Yup, we're aware of the slowness, trying to find a cause and hopefully have it fixed soon.

Leynos said:
Looks nicer but now it loads so slowly.

We are working on getting the site to load normally. It is loading slow on our end as well.

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SvennoJ said:

The site is unusable since the update since the scroll bar is gone both in Edge and in Firefox.

Maybe already posted, I wouldn't know. I have to zoom the page out to 50% to reach the submit button here.

Hey! Locked your thread, trying to keep the bug reporting in here, sorry! We'll take a look at it.

TalonMan said:
Zkuq said:
Congratulations on upgrading from PHP 5! My understanding is that PHP 7 has a lot of breaking changes, so it must have been quite a task to upgrade from PHP 5. Should make things a lot better though, I imagine! I feel the pain this must have caused because where I work, we're in the process of performing some updates that should have been done a long time ago, and it's a huge pain to do all the while developing new features as well...That said, while I appreciate all the work, at first I'm not a huge fan of all the UI changes. It's mainly because of what seems like added scrolling and visuality, which takes up space, but it's definitely nothing I can't cope with. I might leave more detailed and constructive feedback once I have the time to get familiar with the site refresh, but for now, thanks for the work anyway! I really do appreciate taking care of the site.

Keep in mind - most UI changes were made with being more "mobile friendly" in mind. Things like those scrolls work MUCH better on a mobile device - rather than trying to navigate a drop-down... 

I can see that despite not using the site on a mobile device. That's kind of my main problem with the design trends we have today: Things look pretty clearly designed for mobile devices even on PC. I agree it makes sense for sites to do that because mobile is so huge today, but as someone who uses the web mainly on PC, I find it kind of annoying. Still, this isn't too bad for a change behind whom mobile-friendliness has been as a factor - and like I said, I certainly appreciate the work even if I don't like all the changes. Can't please everyone, right?

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@SvennoJ I'd use Adblock for now, something with that type of ad is breaking the scrollbar, appreciate the support but you shouldn't have to deal with that until we fix it.

Some ads still take up half a page.Can't scroll on Firefox browser on my Mac. Too many competing colors on the front page.

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They take half page even when you don't see they over there and them cause pop up that uses the whole page.

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trunkswd said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

I love how there's a weekly chartz section for different countries. Does this mean articles like "Game X sells 10,000 copies on the Swiss chartz" won't wind up clogging the news feed? There's been a lot of articles in the past on this site that just weren't newsworthy or didn't really need to be pushing more important articles off the front page. I feel like giving them their own section of the front page off to the side is a really good compromise.

Edit: I just noticed that there more room for articles on the front page. Before the site update the limit looked like 17 articles. Now it's 24. Anyway hopefully between these two improvements the site becomes less clogged with articles that just aren't newsworthy, and nobody cares about. You know what I mean. All those articles that have 0 comments. There's 11 of them on the front page as we speak!

The front page used to display 14 articles under "latest stories." While the smaller news doesn't get as many views as bigger stories, a decent number of people have told me they are happy we report on smaller games. If you go into a specific article you will see on the side there is a new "Popular Stories" section that displays the most popular stories of the past week. 

I would love a personal settings option that just shows the popular news articles!

Regarding the Ads, I'm pretty sure Talon can fix that scroller issue but the ads themselves we didn't touch, we know they're awful and intrusive but ads specifically are mostly out of Talon's hands, it's Ioi's area...Some days some really awful ads pop up and all I can really suggest is either emailing Ioi, using Adblock or becoming a Supporter for the built in adblock, sorry!