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The UI on the homepage for the threads section is not that goodJust way too busy, it's difficult to glance at and be able to read the thread title

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Another think I noticed (chrome user). Not sure if it impacts all of the forum or certain areas.I always use the quick reply box at the bottom. I used to be able to type paragraphs. Now it converts those paragraphs into one block of text.This post I typed as three for testing purposes in case it make one block of text here,



Congrats on the upgrades and updates, site slowly getting there, now might be even faster.

Just some constructive suggestions from my side:

- I would put the Dark theme as default for everyone, even offline visitors as it is the preferred style as seen on your OP images.

- Wouldn't it be better to order the Platform list alphabetically?

- In my profile, I would put Favourite games on top followed by the wall and move recent activity plus recent forum posts to the side.

- Just a last comment, I thought the theme selector on your account dropout was an error, it's functional but not clear what it is at first glance, maybe mention theme?

EDIT: And just seen that the quick reply text box is still white in the Dark theme.

And just experienced that you can paste directly an url image and the editor embeds it for you, cool

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Wow wow a few changes. Hope your hardwork is rewarded :)Just a few things as a mobile user:1) front page looks really busy now. 2) site is still very unfriendly for mobile. I can't view a post units I scroll left and right or zoom out enough to see the whole box, at which point its hard to read.

curl-6 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Is it just me or is the site much slower now? It takes ages to load pages.

It's not just you. When I loaded in the Reply page to type this, it took nearly 30 seconds, where it used to take maybe 4-5 seconds.

Same here 40 seconds from quote button to reply, I assume its teething problems with the new look site, so a few glitches are expected.

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It just took 5 minutes for this page to load. 5 full minutes. I'm on Fiber internet.

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Yooooo this looks so good. I didn't read the room and didn't think this was that big of an update planned. It really does feel fresh and more practical. Love the refresh of the forum section, the new weekly total for HW sales as well and how it's positionned. Congrats to everyone involved. Here's to a fresh image before next gen arrives yup yup.

Edit : i am on my average internet i have for my appartement and i have no loading time what so ever. 

I did find at least one major contributing factor to the performance issue. Front page still could use some improvement at times (sometimes it is fast), but it's much better.

**Created a new post which included this content as well as OP screenshots but couldn't delete this old editing it out.  All original comments are in the one on page 7.

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Why is the "forums" tab so hard to see anything with now? The user pictures in OPs of Hot topic threads, takes up sooooo much space (and its distraceing to the eye). Visablity is lowered so much, makeing it much harder to read & reach thread topics / thread names.

This is to the point where it feels like it would hurt my enjoyment of useing this forum.

Please revert that part back to how it was.The main point of this site is the forum works, and well, and is easy to use & view (hot topics ect).

That isnt the case anymore, its a HUGE downgrade.The other parts of the site that changed, seem to be for touch screens? Going way from favor of PC users with mouse/keyboards.... but thats something I can live with. The hot topics / forum changes are too much.

(edit. also now it doesnt format text right, when you make a comment, spaceing is missing and stuff, I had to edit and manually fix this)

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