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Howdy everyone!!

Feels like this update has taken forever to get out the door - but the day is finally here! As you'll note in the text that follows, there have been numerous updates to the site - in fact, there have been so many (both big and small) that it's very likely we've missed more than a few in this thread. So, if you come across something that was broken and is now suddenly fixed, or a cool new feature you hadn't seen before - consider it a VGChartz easter egg!! 

The main purpose of this upgrade (and the reason it has taken so long) is we had to make some core upgrades, first - namely, it was time to move on from PHP 5 and upgrade to the latest version. Continuing to stay with the older version was simply never an option, but moving to the latest version was also not a simple update. Dozens of core functions weren't just changed, but were made totally obsolete and eliminated! And so it required a very thorough examination of all the website code and a team of people to help test that everything we corrected, still worked! So before we could even start thinking on how we wanted to improve the website for you all, we had to spend a considerable amount of time just ensuring the site would function after the upgrade.

It's taken a team of hard workers to get this where it is today, but we are not done! And the good news is that with this update complete, we'll now be able to get future changes out faster - we won't be held back because of the underlying upgrade, as that work will already be done.

Lastly, I just want to say there was a great team of guys that helped make all of this possible - I assure you, had they not been there to help me, this would NEVER have gotten done! I hesitate to start naming people, because I'm bound to forget (and insult) somebody -so I won't! ;)

...but @Ryuu96 is a royal pain in the ass, and I'll leave it at that!

- TalonMan

1. Front Page

Before After
  • General aesthetic improvements, less text, more images to catch attention and make it more visually appealing.
  • Rearrangement of certain tabs.
  • Latest Shipment Updates, Blast From The Past, Most Popular Games & Community Contributions now uniformly display 8 items each.
  • "Latest User Reviews" & "Latest Database Updates" merged and also renamed to "Community Contributions".

Charts/GameDB Dropbox

Before After
  • Charts - The old, out-of-date weekly, yearly & pre-order Chart sections have been combined and moved into a new 'Legacy' section at the bottom, for those who want to view historical charts.
  • Charts - New Chart sections have been created to reflect the sales stuff we continue to produce, track, and cover.
  • GameDB - Games used to be stuck on the top 10 games from our very last software chart. This has now been updated to display the most popular games in the GameDB, based on site traffic.
  • GameDB - Platforms has been updated to add the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Topic Scrolling

Before After
  • Click on the arrows to move left or right.
  • Functionality wise it works similar to the older implementation but now there is more on display for people to see.
  • For this display we've used the main forum indexes - Gaming Forum, Website Forum and Off-Topic Forum - to make it easier to navigate.
  • Any topics hidden via filter list will still be hidden regardless of the forum index you choose to display here.

2. Articles

Before After
  • "Latest Stories" on the right has been replaced with "Popular Stories".
  • Top bar of articles is for most recent articles of the same type being viewed.
  • Games mentioned in the article will now display on the right hand side (this is not yet shown in the image above).

3. Profiles

Before After
  • Send Message/Mod History has been moved, from the right corner to the three dash button (click to show options).
  • Better tabs for quicker swapping of sections on profiles.
  • Biography has been moved to above the friends list. Click the three dot tab to expand and show, click it again to shrink.
  • Region displays on profile now.

My Games

Before After
  • Cleaned the layout.
  • Able to select multiple sorting options at once under "Consoles" and "Types"

4. Settings

Website Preferences

Before After
  • Profile Access/PM Access moved to Security Settings.
  • Forum Options checkboxes moved inside Forum Options dropbox.
  • Notifications checkboxes moved inside Notifications dropbox.
  • Email moved to Security Settings.
  • Hide Avatar Banners moved to Avatar Settings.

User Profile

Before After
  • Cleaned this section up.
  • Gender can be changed.
  • Twitter & Discord ID added.
  • About Me, Hobbies, Favourites now use Rich Text boxes.

Avatar Settings

Before After
  • Hide Banners moved to here.
  • Able to pick from a history of previous avatars.
  • Note: There will be dupes, which you can delete to clean things up if you so wish.
  • "Update Avatar Settings" - Here you can crop (using circles or square shapes), flip, and preview your avatar.

Game Network Info

Before After
  • Added Epic Game Store, YouTube, and Twitch IDs.

Security Settings

Before After

5. Extra

  • Quickly change your site theme via the profile dropbox without refreshing or going to settings.
  • You can now select up to 6 different badges through the badge tab to display in the forums via comments.
  • Various bug fixes, such as the r/rn/ preview bug have been fixed.

6. Future Updates (Near Future)

There's a few ideas we ran out of time on implementing as we wanted to get the new refresh out, these updates will be considered as part of this refresh but coming slightly later, such as...

  • Update to Hardware Chart on the front page, Series X|S and PS5 will be added, 3DS and Vita will be removed and the bar chart will display horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Game Collection will be receiving a 'Stats' page with pie charts which will display certain stats in your collection, such as: Most Played Genres, Totals by Platforms, Ratings, etc. Feel free to suggest some ideas for stats that can be displayed as a pie chart.
  • My Games will receive a small clean-up to the shelves.
  • Members page has been moved to the responsive layout from the old layout, it is however still receiving updates, specifically to the layout of the filtering system which will arrive today or tomorrow.

Bug Reporting & Constructive Feedback

We've pretty extensively beta tested the redesign, but it's possible (maybe even probable) that you will come across some issues when it goes live. Please report any issues you have in this thread so that @TalonMan can check them out and fix them asap. By this we mean problems/bugs and genuine constructive feedback; please do not bother Talon with unconstructive complaints that x or y has changed and you want it reverted. 

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 07 November 2020

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Thank you Talon, for all the work you've put into this :)

The front page looks great Talon. Glad I was able to help with the bug testing on all these changes. Thank you for all your hard work!


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If you're seeing any broken images or w/e, try to clear your caches, things will be a little shaky at the start, bear with us!

And thanks to Talon for his work!

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 07 November 2020

SO now we will have the picture of the posters so people won't be able to say "i knew who posted even before opening".

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After months of hard work from @TalonMan and the rest of the team, it feels great to get the redesign live. Everyone bear with us while we iron out the kinks. If you find any issues be sure to let us know in this thread. 

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Front page looks great. The only suggestion I have, maybe cause I am getting older and eyes not as sharp lol is the Forum section on the side, I feel like it needs a bit more padding top and bottom so the black lines are not as close to the text to make it easier to read.I am however running a 1366x768 resolution still so it may just be squashing like that on my screen



Yep, nice transition from the beta!


DonFerrari said:
SO now we will have the picture of the posters so people won't be able to say "i knew who posted even before opening".

The first 3 versions of the site (white, blue, and black) all showed avatars, so it's like a return to how things were on that front.

I love how there's a weekly chartz section for different countries. Does this mean articles like "Game X sells 10,000 copies on the Swiss chartz" won't wind up clogging the news feed? There's been a lot of articles in the past on this site that just weren't newsworthy or didn't really need to be pushing more important articles off the front page. I feel like giving them their own section of the front page off to the side is a really good compromise.

Edit: I just noticed that there more room for articles on the front page. Before the site update the limit looked like 17 articles. Now it's 24. Anyway hopefully between these two improvements the site becomes less clogged with articles that just aren't newsworthy, and nobody cares about. You know what I mean. All those articles that have 0 comments. There's 11 of them on the front page as we speak!

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 07 November 2020