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I love how there's a weekly chartz section for different countries. Does this mean articles like "Game X sells 10,000 copies on the Swiss chartz" won't wind up clogging the news feed? There's been a lot of articles in the past on this site that just weren't newsworthy or didn't really need to be pushing more important articles off the front page. I feel like giving them their own section of the front page off to the side is a really good compromise.

Edit: I just noticed that there more room for articles on the front page. Before the site update the limit looked like 17 articles. Now it's 24. Anyway hopefully between these two improvements the site becomes less clogged with articles that just aren't newsworthy, and nobody cares about. You know what I mean. All those articles that have 0 comments. There's 11 of them on the front page as we speak!

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 07 November 2020