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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?


Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?

Only Switch 553 36.29%
Only PlayStation 5 350 22.97%
Only Xbox Series X|S 97 6.36%
Switch + PS5 215 14.11%
Switch + XSX|S 82 5.38%
PS5 + XSX|S 18 1.18%
All three of them 49 3.22%
None of them 160 10.50%

I already have the Switch. The PS5 and XBSX are just too expensive. The games are also silly expensive. They are just not worth it for me. Just not feeling next gen at all atm.

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Only Switch. I've had it since 2017. I don't think I'll ever get an Xbox Series S/X, and I'm likely years away from getting a PS5.

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Just the Series X for me. I did pre-order it, and yes, it was a hassle.

Not getting a PS5 until much later like a couple of years from now. Cheaper. More games. Maybe a slimmer model.

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Not buying any consoles this year. I might buy a PS5 next fall/winter if GT7 has released, I'll see if I'll get a Series X somewhere down the line, but as it stands there's only Forza Horizon that I really want on Xbox. I don't think I've ever bought a console on release, or even for a full year after release. I usually waited 1-2 years.

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None of them. I have no intention of buying a Switch since I don't do portable gaming anymore and I'm not into Nintendo 1st party games enough to buy their console for their very few RPGs.

PS5 sometime in 2021 when stock has settled down and I can get black panel replacements.

Might get an XBOXSX sometime in 2022-23 when saved money is at its highest and lack of interest is at its lowest. This is purely because a) exclusive Bethesda RPGs b) BC.

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I got a Switch on release day. I have no plans to get either of the other systems. I might change my mind in about 4-5 years, but I'm not getting another system any time soon.

Already have Switch and have Series X on preorder. Waiting for a Slim model on PS5, that thing is just too big currently.

Only Switch, I have yet to see any reason to purchase a PS5 or an Xbox Series S/X, neither has any interesting games for the near term future.

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melbye said:

Getting both xbox and PS5 in the next few weeks, stock permitted

Obviously already own a Switch

Obviously, you have a beefy wallet.

Obviously, you are getting the two because of their exclusives.

But what will then be the console you are using for multiplats? This is obviously "not obvious".

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